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Gal-entine’s Day: A Call to Action

Gal-entine’s Day: According to Urban Dictionary, When single women get together on Valentines day

to tell each other that being single isn’t really that bad.”

Last Saturday, I decided to indulge in some “me time” and get my nails done.  The nail salon I go to, Trendy Nail Boutique, plays rom coms, which always makes everything better.  On this occasion, they were playing Valentine’s Day.  The first thought that popped into my mind was, “Oh God, it’s almost Valentine’s Day…” and watching Jennifer Garner beat the sh** out of that heart piñata really got me thinking…

Why was my initial reaction to hate Valentine’s Day?  As single women, we are taught to hate Valentine’s Day because we don’t have a significant other.  But why is being single so bad?  Quite honestly, I can only think of good aspects about the single life.  I am able to focus on my work, devote time to myself (like getting my nails done), and get to sleep at a decent hour.  The biggest complaint people make when they are single is that they feel lonely.  But why do we have to feel lonely?  Especially on a college campus, we are constantly surrounded by our closest friends and people that we can build strong relationships with.  Friendships most definitely take time and effort, but I feel like I can’t find a reason to feel lonely when I am with my friends.  I know they are always there to split dessert with me, drag to a terrible movie, and cuddle with whenever I want.  If the whole point of Valentine’s Day is to show our love for another person, why does that have to be a significant other?  I am a strong believer that a friendship is just as important as a relationship.

That is why I am devoting my Valentine’s Day to someone I love so very much: Haley Smith.  Haley and I met in a pre-orientation program before our Freshman year.  Since our epic introduction in Bobb, we have been partners in crime, and I can’t think of anyone better to spend Valentine’s Day with.  So, we are turning it into Gal-entine’s Day, and I urge all you single ladies to do the same.  There is so much to celebrate in the other relationships we have on campus, and there is no reason to let one day tell us otherwise.  Haley and I have planned a fun-filled day for this Saturday, so feel free to steal some ideas:

Me and Haley last Christmas.

10pm the night before (because we’re serious about this): Go to Starbucks for the 2-for-1 deal for pairs that come in together. (We love our hot cocoa.)

11am Saturday: Head to Symphony’s Cafe to have brunch (We’re hoping they have heart shaped pancakes.)

12pm:  Shop and walk around Central St. (They have a Paper Source, what more could we ask for…?)

1pm:  ~Frolic~ in the park on Central St. (I’m very serious…Haley has insisted upon doing this…on multiple occasions.)

2pm: Stop in at Patisserie Coralie in Evanston (Because we love our sweets. *See cocoa.)

3:35pm: Go see Fifty Shades of Grey (Do we need a reason?)

6 pm: Head to Found for dinner (Because we’re fancy, huh)


Have a happy Gal-entine’s Day!

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Lina Hebert


Lina Hebert is a rising junior at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  She is currently majoring in pyschology with the intention of going into marketing.  Through Her Campus and other organizations, she has gained valuable experience with writing, social media and event planning.  However, Lina's interests are not only limited to psychology and marketing; she was the fourth spoon from the left in Beauty and the Beast at age ten.  She is an inspired and devoted student, learner, blogger and nutella enthusiast.
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