Four Pinterest Beauty Pins that Actually Work!

Everyone has had to deal with those pins on Pinterest that usually say something along the lines of, “Repin for easy [insert current hair/makeup/clothing trend here],” or “You’ll be sorry you didn’t repin.” You’ve seen them, chances are most of the time you scroll right past them, and while the temptation is there to write these pins off as little more than bloggers trying to get a few more hits or hidden advertising schemes, a few of these pins actually come in handy, especially the ones pertaining to beauty. Here are four pins that are not only useful, but inexpensive as well and a must have on any self-respecting beauty board.

Fixing broken eye shadow/pressed powder:

When you’ve spent $15 on that beautiful shade of MAC eye shadow that you just had to have, nothing could possibly be more heartbreaking than accidentally dropping it on your bathroom floor and seeing it crumble to pieces. But fear not! A quick solution exists, and all you need is rubbing alcohol. Simply add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken eye shadow and stir to create a thick paste.  Smooth down the paste so that it is flat. Let it stand for a couple of hours and voila! Your eye shadow is good as new! See the full tutorial here.

Whitening your teeth:

Have you ever wondered what the active ingredient in most whitening strips is? Probably not, but the point is it is a common household staple that can be found in any drugstore and used to brighten your smile without paying up to $30 for actual whitening strips. It’s Hydrogen Peroxide and can be applied to the teeth with a cotton swab for an easy whitening remedy. Apply a q-tip full of hydrogen peroxide to your teeth for 30 seconds every day and you’ll see results in no time. Once your teeth begin to appear whiter, only apply once a week. Click here for the pin.

Changing up your hairstyle:

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that can show off your length, is fast, easy and unique, look no further than the Waterfall braid, a style that has seen increased popularity in the past year. Pinterest has a wonderful picture tutorial here that shows you exactly how to get the cascading braid effect.

Nail strengthening:

In this cold time of year nails can get brittle and break easily. This takes away from the look of almost any nail polish and while manicures are nice, at times they may not be the most economical solution for a collegiette on a budget. Thankfully, a kind pinner thought to pin nail blogger Honeymunchkin’s nail routine to Pinterest. This nail strengthening routine is simple, quick, and most of the materials you will need are either already in your possession or can be bought for under $10 at any drug store.

In short, although Pinterest can be a breeding ground for useless and/or ineffective advice, with the help of a discerning eye any pinner can find pins with tips and advice that meet their needs, and these four pins have gotten our seal of approval!