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Five Apps to Fit: The Top Workout Apps You Should Download Now

Check out the top five free smartphone apps to help you get in—and stay in—shape this school year. Girl tested, credit card approved.

1.     Hot5 is an app that has a seemingly endless list of quick workouts. It’s perfect if you’ve only got time for a five-minute ab challenge, but you can also mix and match the different videos to compile one long workout.

2.     Nexercise rewards you for your workouts with prizes like gift cards to CVS and Sephora. When you put your phone in your pocket or armband, the app tracks your activity through motion sensors. It’s a great motivator to avoid laziness; we all know deciding to go to the gym is half the battle. 

3.     Sworkit provides circuit-training workouts based on which type of training (stretching, weights, yoga,etc.), which body part, and how long you want to exercise. The circuits are randomized and the clock does not stop, so you are always guessing and always sweating.

4.     FitStar was created by NFL player Tony Gonzalez to give busy users personalized bodyweight workouts for any time or place. You can upgrade to get more types of workouts, but the basic routines, whether yoga, cardio or strength training, are a perfect starting point.

5.     Nike Training Club calls itself the training app for the “world’s biggest female fitness community.” As such, it has a sleek and easy-to-navigate interface complete with how-to videos and full-length workouts based on your personal fitness level and goals. It also provides audio cues to keep you focused and “trophies” to mark your milestones. 



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