Finding New Homes for Old Trends

It isn’t exactly the “spring cleaning” time of year, but perhaps New Year’s has inspired you to spice up your wardrobe! Instead of throwing away your clothes, consider donating, selling, or recycling your items to be reused. Here are a few options for stores that accept clothes, some of which will even pay you or give you a discount!


Goodwill and Salvation Army are well-known places for clothing donation, but often there are local organizations that accept clothing donations and will give them to those in need for free. Many religious and outreach centers are always looking for clothing donations.


If you are looking to get a little something in return for your clothes, especially if they are trendy and in good condition, selling to consignment shops is always a good option. Often they are local boutique-style, but some popular chains across the United States include Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Company. If these places do not accept and pay for all of your clothes, you can donate or recycle them instead!


Many stores have clothing recycling options, and all of them are a bit different. Here are a few!

1. Madewell

Bring your old jeans into Madewell’s stores, and your styles will be put towards insulation in houses by Habitat for Humanity. Plus you get $20 off your next denim purchase!

2. H&M

Bring any garments to H&M and receive 15% off of your entire purchase at the store, and your clothes will be distributed to the closest clothing recycling center.

3. The North Face

Take your used apparel and footwear to The North Face, and the Clothes the Loop program will donate your clothes to Soles4Souls, a not-for-profit company focused on disaster relief aid and and micro-enterprise programs.

4. Zara

Gather any unwanted clothing and bring it to Zara locations, where they will then be distributed to various organizations. If you live in Spain, you can also request to have your clothes picked up from your home!