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Favorite Finds at Trader Joe’s


This September, a new grocery store opening in Evanston gave hungry and adventurous Northwestern students a new alternative to the typical trip to Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s, which has been around and growing since 1958, opened its doors at 1211 Chicago Avenue and brought crowds that camped out overnight to be the first to try its unique products. While the prospect of a new grocery store is definitely an exciting one, when you’re rushing from class to your exec meetings then to hole up in the library for a night, you might not have time to wander the isles and scan the shelves for the best of Trader Joe’s. But we’ve got your back- check out this guide to the best finds at Evanston’s newest gem.


Guilty pleasures:

Pumpkin biscotti: This popular dessert, full of fall flavor, is a traditional biscotti baked with pumpkin puree to add that iconic autumn taste. With tasty seasonings like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, this dessert can be enjoyed all year long but is especially popular as the weather begins to get colder.

Price: $3.99 per container


Speculoos Cookie butter: This ridiculously popular treat, a must-have for many Trader Joe’s shoppers, is essentially a creamy form of a your favorite cookie. It can be used for anything from spreading on toast to eating it straight out of the jar. And better yet, it’s actually less of a guilty pleasure than you would think. With only ninety calories per serving, six grams of fat, and a delicious, unique taste and creamy texture, it’s the perfect buy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Price: $3.69 per jar


Journey to the center of the cookie: This rich, dangerously delicious dessert is the ultimate guilty pleasure. This hollowed-out gooey chocolate chip cookie filled with fudge will give you enough chocolate in one bite to satisfy your cravings. Although it may not be great for your waistline, this treat isn’t one you’d want to miss out trying, if only every once and a while.

Price: $2.99 a pair


Study snacks:

Cinnamon apple sticks: An interesting twist on a classic fall fruit, these snacks are made from real apples and taste like it, too. The sticks are blasted with cinnamon that gives them that extra kick of flavor that’s perfect to satisfy your sweet and crunchy cravings on a late night at the library.

Price: $2.49 per bag

Zesty nacho kale chips: When you’re up late studying and your concentration is failing you, what better to fuel you up than a power food like kale? These crunchy, dehydrated chips are completely raw and vegan with some nacho cheese to add flavor. With six grams of protein per serving and tons of vitamins, these chips will not only satisfy your taste buds but will help you power through long hours of studying.

Price: $3.99 per bag 


Pita crisps with cranberries and pumpkin seeds: These crisps add another fall-flavored food to your list of favorite snacks. Made with whole grains and crunchy pumpkin seeds, as well as chewy cranberries that add extra texture, these crisps are a twist on your regular salty pita snack. With hummus, with dip, or just by themselves, they’re a great snack staple for any flavor craving.

Price: $2.69 per bag


Healthy finds:

Pear sauce: Try this sweet snack- an equally healthy twist on classic applesauce. With only 80 calories for half a cup, you can enjoy plenty and feel good about your choice as far as taste and health are concerned. So if you’re a lover of fruit and want a new variation on your favorite tastes, pear sauce might be your next favorite snack.

Price: $2.99 per package


Strawberry kiwi juice: If you prefer to drink your health foods, this is a perfect juice for you. This natural drink, with its blend of healthy fruits, is a great combination of sweet and slightly tart and is a great snack between classes or addition to your breakfast.

Price: $3.49 per bottle

Trader joe’s Edamame hummus: Hummus comes in many flavors and is a snack for everyone, but this protein-filled dip takes it to the next level. Instead of the typical ingredient of garbanzo beans, Trader Joe’s uses edamame, which is high in protein and free of cholesterol. Whatever you use to dip- carrots, crackers, chips, you name it- this snack will add a kick of flavor and health benefits as well.

Price: $2.49 for each tub

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