Fashion Icons Today: Denise Huxtable

The Cosby Show may have run in the 80’s but it was a permanent fixture of my 90’s childhood. Even in my wee years I wasn’t blind to the amazing-ness of Denise Huxtable’s closet. With her ever-changing hairstyles, fearless makeup techniques and charming free-spirit (discovering America anyone? or studying the pygmy’s in Africa? or getting hit by Stevie Wonder,) I for one, framed my middle school first-day-back outfits solely on her boho-Brooklyn style that never failed to surprise. Needless to say, I often failed miserably, but taking cues from today’s fashion, we can still channel Denise and rock the 80’s like there’s no tomorrow.

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Outfit #1: Headband, Shirt, Pants, Shoes
Outfit #2: Headband, Shirt, Pants, Shoes
Outfit #3: Headband, Shirt, Pants, Shoes

Making her pitch to go to Africa demanded an outfit worthy of the occasion and this pattern-filled number made sure all the attention was on Denise. To make this outfit more figure friendly, we kept the fit loose on top and opted for slim cut bottoms. Two of our outfit options feature print only on the shirt, but if you’re feeling adventurous why not wear pattern in both the shirt and pants? This look isn’t for the faint hearted, so be prepared for some extra attention as you walk out the door. Finishing this outfit off with a pair of oxfords adds a bit of preppy class to this wild child look.

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Outfit #1: Shirt, Shorts, Shoes
Outfit #2: Shirt, Shorts, Shoes
Outfit #3: Shirt, Shorts, Shoes

Crop tops are not a new trend by any stretch; they covered the runway and street style last year. However before it gets too warm, try the style in a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are my traditional bum-wear for the weekends, class and anywhere else if I had it my way, but they’re not even remotely attractive. With this updated cut, they become instantly fashionable and an easy add to the summer shorts and sandals staples.

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Outfit #1: Plaid Shirt, Blouse, Shorts
Outfit #2: Plaid Shirt, Blouse, Shorts
Outfit #3: Plaid Shirt, Blouse, Shorts

Corduroy and plaid often gets slated to the winter months to make room for denim and bright florals in the warm weather. With a few twists these pieces can come alive into your summer wardrobe as well. Corduroy shorts; make use of the comfy material in a much cooler (literally!) cut. Opting for lightweight plaid button-ups instead of heavy flannel makes this lumberjack favorite a keeper in the heat. Denise chose a monochromatic look of violet, which you can still use or change it up for neutrals or brights to match your style.

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Outfit #1: Tank, Dress, Shoes
Outfit #2: Tank, Dress, Shoes
Outfit #3: Tank, Dress, Shoes

Instead of opting for sweats around the house, Denise goes for a much chicer option. A comfortable knit dress is always stylish yet perfect for lounging around on the couch. Adding a tank underneath adds an unexpected pop of color, perfect for the springtime. If you need to make a quick trip outdoors, a pair of patent loafers pulls this simple outfit together for a casual Sunday stroll by the lake.

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Outfit #1: Earrings, Shirt, Skirt
Outfit #2: Earrings, Shirt, Skirt
Outfit #3: Earrings, Shirt, Skirt

The Cosby family sure did know how to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. For this rendition of a “Night Time Is the Right Time,” Denise looks incredible in her “performance” piece. The bold shoulders on this black blouse are the essential feature to take it from ho-hum to extraordinary. There are so many options for the skirt though, whether you chose to go long, short or midi, just keep a bold print to balance out the solemnness of the top. The huge post earrings are a classic touch that we made more fun by making sure they had edgy details.

PS: While I love Denise, my runner-up for favorite character would have to be Clair Huxtable. She gave a rant like no one else could and always looked every bit a lady while she did it.

PSS: Honestly guys, this article was more just an excuse for me to post an ungodly amount of Cosby Show clips. But #iregretnothing. So if anybody is up for a marathon, you got a friend in me!

Stay stylish colliegettes!