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Every Teenager Needs to Be Watching Sex Education

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Not many shows can compile all the things that make teenagers, well, teenagers. The good, the bad, the uncomfortable, the angst and the awkward. Yet somehow Sex Education manages to provide entertaining TV while providing incredible information for teenagers and young adults.

Sex Education first came out on Netflix in 2019 and has since then come out with three seasons, with the latest dropping this past September. While the show is popular among critics, it has reached teenagers across the globe for its relatability and discussion of mental health, sexuality, gender, relationships and more. The story follows teenager Otis and his friends Eric, Maeve, Aimee and his mom, Jean, to name a few. The students attend Moordale Secondary, a secondary (high school, for us Americans) school in England. Otis, whose mother is a sex therapist, begins a sex clinic for students at his school with Maeve. Without giving too much away, we see Otis and Maeve bring students out of their shells as they get valuable information, and realize they are not alone in their struggles.

The best part of Sex Education in my opinion is the open sex positivity. Teenagers are shamed for their exploration and sexualities on a day-to-day basis, and Sex Education openly discusses and visually shows all the struggles that teens today face. Whether it’s seeing Aimee explore masturbation, Eric embraces his sexuality, or Ruby deal with the spread of her nudes, there is no topic that Sex Education won’t cover.

Sex Education at its core is a story about high school life and just growing up. Being a teenager is complicated enough, and juggling school, friendships and family life while you are discovering yourself only makes it harder. Having a show like Sex Education come out my sophomore year of high school truly helped me feel more comfortable with myself, and opened up the conversation with my peers. I encourage all teens or young adults to give this show a chance, who knows what you might discover.

Season four is already in the works, so get watching!

Elizabeth Egresits

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