Episode Two of HC NU's Podcast "We Been Knew," All About TV Pilots

Thanks for tuning into our second episode of "We Been Knew," hosted by Alani Vargas and Ariana Brockington.

This week, we focused our "Blind Episode" segment on pilots! We each chose our favorite show (or one of them) and had the other one watch it. Again, without context or any background about the show. Ariana's challenge: Supergirl. Alani's challenge: This Is Us. Will Alani welcome Ariana into the Supergirl fandom? Hear what they had to say (time markers are below)!

For the "Top Tweet of the Week," they discuss Diplo's Rolling Stone interview where he talks about Post Malone and Taylor Swift. Odd pair, but you'll see why soon.

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To skip around (because, yes, we know it's long):

Supergirl - 1:20

This Is Us - 17:15

Top Tweet of the Week: 25:40