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Emotions of being a Big during Big/Little Week

It’s Big/Little season for PHC sororities and Bigs in chapters are running around campus trying to plan the best surprises for their Littles. As fun as it may be for new members to be surprised with serenades and bombarded with food and gifts, it’s a whirlwind of a week for their Bigs. Here are some thoughts and emotions Bigs feel as they try to plan out the best week for their Littles.

When you finally find out who your little is, you can’t contain your excitement because she is your and yours only.

The crafting process incorporates more glitter than a Ke$ha music video.

But when you look around at the other pledge moms with natural crafting skill, you get super discouraged because you simply aren’t gifted like them.


You try to get your Little’s campus crushes to surprise her because you want to be the cool and hip mom.

And when you sneak into your Little’s room, you feel really creepy

When you’re trying execute a surprise or pass off a gift in public, you’re always paranoid you’re going to run into your Little.

And it’s super hard to keep your cool when you talk to your Little in person about who they think their big is and containing yourself when you realize she has no idea who her big is, is probably harder.

Your biggest fear is revealing yourself through the burner phone. 

When you count up the amount of money you spend on your little, you want to go in a corner and cry.

But you love your pledge daughter no matter what and keeping your identity a secret is the hardest but most rewarding thing.

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