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DIY: Glitter Booties

Photo Credit: sterlingstyle.net
I believe in glitter. I believe in glitter in as many places as humanly possible. So when the opportunity arises for you to add glitter to something, my fan-girl heart almost loses it. Adorable glitter booties have been popping up everywhere, influenced by the spring color-blocking trend. Helpful DIY bloggers are on hand to show off a very affordable and easy way to get this look ourselves, for much less than a new pair of kicks. Here we chose to follow Le Fanciulle’s easy tutorial to make our own sparkly masterpiece.

  • A pair of boots: Old or new, ankle or knee-high…the possibilities are endless! Just make sure the material will let the glitter stick, so avoid suede!
  • Two glitter sizes: Fine and coarse, to give that big sparkle effect
  • Glue. I used craft glue, but just about any kind should be good!
  • Masking tape
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spray Adhesive. Trying to skimp on cost I used hairspray, which works just as well!
  • Paintbrushes. Penny-pinching again, I used some old E.L.F face makeup brushes. You could buy them newas well and they would cost much less than real paintbrushes.
  • Knife or some other sharp-edged tool. I used a pair of scissors and a knife.

Step 1:

I had a cute pair of black ankle boots, but sadly they had seen better times. They were ready for a much-needed face-lift.

Step 2:

Carefully tape around the section you would like to have glitter. Patience is key to avoid having messy spots later in the process. I accompanied the process with re-runs of The Cosby Show, but find whatever works for you.
Step 3:
Mix the glue and both types of glitter together. The particular type of glue I used dried pretty quickly and never actually became a paste. I just continually kept adding more glue to the glitter in the bowl to make it more of a paste as I painted the glitter.

Note: There is no particular ideal ratio of glue to glitter, but the more glue you use initially, the less coats you will need to do.
Step 4:

After the first coat, clean off the brushes with water so the bristles don’t become hard and stiff. Don’t wait too long between coats or else the glitter/glue paste becomes as hard as a rock. (I learned this the hard way…getting too engrossed in my Cosby Show episode.)

Step 5:

Do as many coats as you like until the desired “sparkle factor” is achieved. Spray the glittered portion with adhesive (or hairspray) and let the boots sit until they’re dry. To err on the side of caution, I let mine dry overnight.
Step 6:

Carefully remove the masking tape. With the knife, carefully scrape away the dried glitter in the wrong places. To avoid having the boots actually looking like a DIY project, it’s essential to take your time for this step. (I recommend watching the Taylor Swift Speak Now Concert DVD or Tangled during this time…to reinforce the glitter/girly theme.) If necessary, fill in empty place with a new mix of glitter paste. I had to do this in a few areas and chose to let the boots sit out again overnight.

Step 7:

After all that waiting, unveil your creation to the world and strut your glittery self down Sheridan Road!

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