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Delt Co-Founder Jonathan Green

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Birthdate: December 1, 1988…I’m old
Year: 5th Year Senior
Major: American Studies and German
Relationship Status: Single…Unfortunately … or maybe fortunately.
What are your pet peeves and guilty pleasures?
 Pet peeves? Easy. Cargo shorts, beanies with bills on them drive me insane and Jersey accents. I love people from Jersey but I can’t stand the accent. I’m generally pretty agreeable….as long as you’re not from Jersey and wearing cargo shorts.
As far as guilty pleasures, I really like Taylor Swift and The Zac Brown Band. That song they have about chicken nuggets is really awesome.
What are your future career goals?
 I wish I knew for sure. Something in higher education like teaching or being a professor and if not that then maybe working in a think tank or in politics. Eventually I’d like to get my Masters or PhD in History.
What’s your idea of a perfect date?
 Spring…ish. There’s a place called Union Pizza. (I’ve been on a couple of dates there and I really like it a lot.) Go there. Get drinks. Listen to live music. Then I would go on a Friday and go into Pilsen and they have art shows the third Friday of every month, so walk around and do a little of that. Then find a dive bar at the end of the night. Or go to a monster truck rally. I took a girl to a monster truck rally about a year back and it was really really funny. She liked it more than I did.
What do you find most attractive in a woman?
 Independence. I like a woman who can hold her own. Someone who’s a good conversationalist.
Biggest turn offs?
 People who are self-absorbed.
Words to live by?
 Don’t be stupid – keep it classy.
Describe your personality.
 Old. I don’t know I think I’m generally pretty friendly. I’m a hard worker – or at least I like to think that. Outgoing. I’m fairly nerdy as well but I’m pretty good at covering it up so people can’t tell.
You’re one of the founders of Delta Tau Delta. Why start a fraternity as a fifth year senior?
 I was really excited about what they’re up to and what they’re trying to build here and I thought it would be a really fun opportunity for my last year on campus. I think it’s a great way to leave a legacy on campus. I feel like fraternities take on a personality and sort of a life of their own, so if you can set one of them off in a particular direction it will stay that way for a long time.