Concert Review: The Vaccines

Last Thursday, my friend Lydia Kriseman and I ventured out of Evanston to Lincoln Hall to see The Vaccines in concert. The Vaccines are an English indie/alt-rock band that has been performing together since 2010. Their most popular songs include “Post Break-Up Sex,” “If You Wanna” and “I Can’t Quit.” Listen to their Spotify playlist here!

Kriseman, a senior at Northwestern, has loved the band for a very long time. In fact, she saw them in concert at the same venue before she started her freshman year of college. When asked how her experience years ago compared to last week’s, she replied, “I’ve become such a different person since that first concert, but I still love them. This concert experience was bizarre. I was dancing and singing to these songs that make me feel so many different emotions but still having the best time.” The welcoming Lincoln Hall venue definitely added to the atmosphere of our evening, as there was enough space to dance, but the smaller room enhanced the intimacy of the show. 

I had an amazing time at the show! The Vaccines’ opener, Jesse Jo Stark, got the ball rolling with her sultry, rocker tunes and the main act blew me away. Having heard much of The Vaccines’ discography over the summer, I was familiar with many of their songs, but this show encouraged me to listen to them even more. Their newest album Combat Sports is perfect to stream if you are looking for something different to listen to this fall.