Cold or Allergies?

As you can tell by the hundred of sprouted flowers around campus, spring has finally arrived in Evanston. Have you also noticed that you’ve been feeling a little off? Maybe a runny nose, itchy throat or a cough? You might think this is your typical cold, but it’s very possible you have allergies! With so much more pollen in the air, tens of millions of Americans are affected by pollen allergies.

So, what are the symptoms?


-Runny or stuffy nose

-Itchy and Watery eyes

-Itchy throat

-Itchy skin

According to Healthline, some people with allergies are more prone to catching a cold, which makes figuring out if you have a cold or allergies a little difficult (they share few similar symptons!).

If you think you might have a cold, try gargling with warm salt water, drinking lots of water and using a humidifier in your room.

If you think you might have allergies, try taking non-drowsy allergy medicine (I personally use Allegra). These drugs are antihistamines, which block histamine reactions to allergens like pollen or pet dandruff, reduce allergy symptoms.

Here’s a nifty chart from Healthline to help you figure out what you might have so you can decide what plan of action to take:

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