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Celebrity Thanksgiving Celebrations

Every holiday season, the stars start participating in activities we normal humans do too - celebrations with food and family. Check out some of our favorite snaps from celeb Instagrams from this Thanksgiving holiday! 

1. Henry Cavill

The Superman star somehow managed to advertise his new movie in this adorable shot with his dog. How he trained that dog well enough to pose instead of gobbling down that turkey, we will never know. 

Credit: Henry Cavill/Instagram


2. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

We never expected the Hollaback Girl and the country star to hit it off, but their Thanksgiving snaps remind us how glad we are that they did. Stefani shared this pic of the pair celebrating with his family in Oklahoma. 

Credit: Gwen Stefani/Instagram


3. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

After this season of Bachelor in Paradise, fans everywhere were shipping Wells with Danielle M., but now, we are totally into the cuteness of him and Sarah Hyland. They look so happy in this shot, it's hard not to smile along with them. 

Credit: Sarah Hyland/Instagram


4. Beyonce

Beyonce continues to slay us all. I think that's all that can be said about this perfect nostalgia filled Polaroid. 

Credit: Beyonce/Instagram


5. American Horror Story Fam

Hopefully their Thanksgiving meal wasn't too... well, horrifying, but we imagine with a cast like this, it'd be hard to be too annoyed by anyone at the dinner table. And can we just talk about how fierce Sarah Paulson looks? 

Credit: Emma Roberts/Instagram


6. Julia Louis Dreyfus

Julia celebrated Thanksgiving here in Chicago, with her college sweetheart and now husband! Please enjoy this snap of two happy Northwestern alums. 

Credit: Julia Louis Dreyfus/Instagram


7. Rebel Wilson

The Pitch Perfect star celebrated Turkey Day with friends at Disney Land, which tbh sounds much better than a sit down meal with lunch meats and distant relatives. 

Credit: Rebel Wilson/Instagram


Somehow, all these celebs made a usually slightly tense meal with family members seem glamorous - especially Queen B. Next year, hopefully we can emulate them all in our own requisite Tgiving instas. But for now, all we can do is admire from afar. 

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