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Cancelled Shows We Miss: Episode Three of HC NU’s Podcast “We Been Knew”

Thanks for tuning into the third episode of “We Been Knew,” hosted by Alani Vargas and Ariana Brockington. This is the final podcast of the quarter. 

This week, we rounded up three series that left us too soon: Sweet/Vicious, The Ringer and Still Star-Crossed. Why were they canceled? What’s wrong with the world? Will we ever get good TV representation in our lifetime??? Will Alani ever stop trying to get Ariana to watch Supergirl????? We don’t have all the answers, but we discuss all of these questions in the podcast.

For the “Top Tweet of the Week,” they discuss the new Fifty Shades Freed trailer. Alani is a huge fan, while Ariana has tried to live her life without interacting with the books or movies. 

Make sure to tune in on Mondays starting in January for new episodes and follow us on Twitter, @alanimv or @Real_Ariana_S. Let us know during our mini hiatus what we should talk about and what you want to hear!!

To skip around (because, yes, IT IS STILL LONG):

Sweet/Vicious – 0:45

Still Star-Crossed – 10:10

The Ringer – 16:23

Supergirl/Chris Wood Break – 25:05

“Top Tweet of the Week” Fifty Shades Freed Edition – 25:3

Alani Vargas


Alani is a native to Chicago with a passion for women's rights, journalism and coffee. She is a senior at Northwestern, majoring in journalism at Medill. She's on the magazine track and studied in Florence last fall, advancing her second major in history. Alani has written for Her Campus national and her Northwestern chapter since freshman year and is now the Editor-in-Chief and CC for her chapter. She's also currently a freelancer for Elite Daily When Alani isn't working, binge watching Supergirl, Buffy or the billion other shows she keeps up with, she enjoys music and geeking out over Star Wars or anything Marvel. Follow Alani on twitter and instagram at @alanimv!
  Ariana is a Los Angeles native who is obsessed with fashion, celebrities, music, and food. She is a journalism student in Medill at Northwestern University who enjoys reading fashion and entertainment blogs and magazines. Ariana's favorite things to do are travel, explore Los Angeles, discover new music groups, and of course watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Ariana loves writing and sharing her experiences with you and hopes you enjoy reading her stories.   
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