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Bring a Bit of Spring Into Your Room


There’s nothing worse during spring than seeing trees starting to bud outside, feeling the sun heating up the air around us, and suddenly shivering in the snow. For the days when winter is clinging on and you just want a bit of spring in your life, consider bringing a plant into your room.

If you don’t have a lot of light . . .

Have a dorm room or apartment with one tiny window in the corner? Or perhaps a building blocking the sun for the majority of the day? Here are a few options that need less sunlight than others.

Creeping Fig

Spider Plant

Peace Lily

If you don’t have a lot of space . . .

When you’re in a cramped, tight space with no square feet to spare, small plants are absolutely essential. Here are a few plants that can fit on window sills, in the corner of a top shelf, or on a small bedside table.

Air Plant

Echeveria and other Succulents

Jade Plant

Christmas Cactus


If you don’t have a green thumb . . .

If you just can’t seem to keep a plant alive, here are a few options for you. These plants do well even if they’re ignored or left alone while you’re gone on vacation.


Snake Plant

Golden Pothos

Images Courtesy of Creative Commons

Margo Milanowski

Northwestern '22

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