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Black Friday: Where to Find the Best Sales

When thinking about Black Friday, I usually think of people trampling each other at 6 a.m. while in line for the Walmart or Best Buy technology department. However, Black Friday is for much more than just those brave enough to risk their life for a new smartphone. It is also a day that all of our favorite stores have huge sales. Follow the links below to make sure not to miss any of the best sales.


Sephora is going to be selling certain products for $15 or less and, if you know Sephora, you know that is huge. Because who doesn’t want their favorite mascara, but at a discounted price? Or, if you are into experimenting, you can binge on all of your favorite influencer’s recommendations without breaking the bank.


If history is doomed to repeat itself, Zara is going to offer 30% off their entire store, making it the absolute best day to stock up on jeans, sweaters, dresses, work clothes, casual clothes and just about everything in between. Zara really does have it all.


Revolve is teasing us with their sale. They currently have a “Pre-Black Friday Sale” page up and it is completely blank. So, we know something is coming, but right now it is just frustrating. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be continually refreshing the page until it opens up.


This one is another tease. Asos has an alert up on their website saying that their sale is coming, but we are not sure exactly what that will be. In year’s past, they have offered up to 30 percent off their whole store, so it is most definitely something to watch.

Forever 21

You better sit down for this one. Forever 21 is offering up to 80 percent off parts of their store. Let me repeat that: 80 percent off. That is all.

The big stores, ones other than just Walmart and Best Buy, are most definitely still having sales that you should check out. Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s and other department stores are always a huge hit around the holidays. Just make sure you don’t forget about your favorite stores at this time of year. Yes, I know you may not need a formal dress for a few more months, but it may be best to start looking now. Happy shopping!

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