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Best of the HC Fall Survival Kit 2016!

The beginning of fall means no other than the start of classes, new schedules, and new friends. At first this season tends to be overwhelming, as we all scramble to figure out a routine that works for us to accomplish the daunting tasks of homework, joining clubs, eating a balanced diet, socializing, and getting enough sleep. 24 hours in a day may not seem like enough time, but luckily Her Campus is here to set us up with some awesome samples of products we love, to help us get the job done! Here is what was featured in this semester’s Fall Survival Kit.

We cannot wait to read Andrews McMeel novels Adulthood is a Myth and The Roommate Book, because lets face it, this whole living on our own thing is not as easy as we may have thought and living with a complete stranger, or even a friend, can sometimes even make it harder. These books contain some *not-so-serious* advice on how to handle whatever life may throw at you.

CamelBak has also offered us a solution for those days when we need a little something extra to get us going in the morning. If you oversleep, or just like to bring an extra cup of coffee or tea to class, the Forge Divide Mug is your new go-to canister. The best part about this travel mug is that you do not need to worry about spillage – it is 100% leak proof! We know the last thing you ever need is a coffee covered laptop or notebook. Freeman Beauty has also helped us out by supplying us with some awesome beauty items ranging from masks to cleansers, which will certaintly come in handy when it comes time to relax after a stressful day or night spent studying. 

Her Campus was also courteous enough to set us up with some products for all the things we never want to have to worry about. When we’re on the go all day the last things we want to be thinking about are all the possible ~feminie~ things that can go wrong. Luckily, DivaCup offers 12-hour protection so it’s one less thing to keep track of and Monistat has us covered with Complete Care Instant Itch Relief Cream, which offers perscription strength relief without the perscription. We’re also super excited about L’eggs Sheer Energy tights, which are perfect to pair with dresses and boots during the cold winter months, for some added coverage. And speaking of coverage and support, Maidenform offered us several new bras to try that are both stylish and comfortable, to feel confident all day.  

The other exciting thing about fall is that being back on campus means reuniting with your girl squad who you may not have seen since before summer. In an effort to get us ready for the perfect night out, Juicy Couture hooked us up with a sample of their new fragrance, scented with sparkling mandarin, jasmine, and addictive patchouli. Rimmel London has also provided us with some amazing makeup products we cannot wait to try (only after watching hours of YouTube tutorials first, of course). Flying Colors Apparel has set us up with some school spirit koozies, the perfect accessory to add a little spirit to any party or tailgate. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to stay safe when heading out at night, especially with the increase in criminal issues and robberies on campus. Make sure your squad is set with a Wearsafe tag, which can connect you to someone who can help at the push of a button!

Enjoy your Fall Survival Kit and thank you to Her Campus and our wonderful sponsors!

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