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The Best Halloween Throwback Movies

When the weather starts to change, and leaves start falling off the trees, there are two types of people: those who love pumpkin spice and those who love Halloween. Personally, I am the latter. I love candy, costumes, haunted houses, haunted hayrides and more; I love it all.

However, what I really like about Halloween is the throwback movies that stream all over the place throughout the month of October. We may be more than halfway through the month, but there is still plenty of time to catch up on some classics. If you are looking for inspiration, here are a few to get you started.

Hocus Pocus

Even though Hocus Pocus came out in 2003, this movie is timeless. The three witches are icons of Halloween. And, if you are looking, they also make a really clever Halloween costume.


Because who doesn’t love Tia and Tamer a Mowery? They are a staple of my childhood obsession with Disney Channel, and this movie will never get old.

Halloweentown (and all of the sequels)

One of our country’s greatest debates is which of Halloweentown movies takes the cake as the best one. Personally, I am tied between the original and Halloweentown High, but I’m willing to discuss.


If you are looking for a movie on the scarier side, the entire Scream series could do the trick. It’s definitely not your typical horror movie, but it is sure to make you jump. And again, the Scream mask makes a great last-minute costume idea.

Monsters, Inc.

While not necessarily a Halloween movie, Monsters, Inc. is always a movie that warms the heart. It’s about monsters, so why not watch it on Halloween?

There are so many great Halloween movies out there that you need to indulge in at least once this season. It’s starting to get colder, so grab a blanket and some popcorn, and maybe a pumpkin spice latte if you want, and cuddle up with a great movie.

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