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Best Food Bloggers for College Students to Follow

As a college student, when you move off campus one of the most challenging new responsibilities is learning how to cook. Without meal plans, it takes a lot of effort to prepare meals and continue to have a balanced diet.

If you are like me, you had little to no experience cooking going into college. Thankfully, I found multiple food bloggers who have quick, easy and healthy recipes that a first time cook would have no problem following. Now, I use some of these recipes at least three times a week, and I can confidentially say I am a pretty good cook! So, if you have ever wanted to live out your fantasy of being a Top Chef contestant or a talented baker like Taylor Swift check out some of these Instagram accounts and see if you can refine your skills.

1. Cafe Delites

For: When you want to make a healthy, impressive meal that requires few ingredients.

2. Spend With Pennies

For: When you are on a budget but don’t want to make just a simple salad.

3. The Girl Who Ate Everything

For: When you are craving a Cinnabon but don’t feel like leaving your apartment.

4. Jamie Cooks It Up!

For: When you need copycat recipes for the tastiest dishes from your favorite restaurants.

5. Lil’ Luna

For: When `you want to switch things up and go all out for Sunday brunch.

6. The Recipe Critic

For: When you are feeling lazy and need to make a quick, one-pan meal.

7. Real Housemoms

For: When you are convinced you are MasterChef material and want to test your newfound abilities.  

  Ariana is a Los Angeles native who is obsessed with fashion, celebrities, music, and food. She is a journalism student in Medill at Northwestern University who enjoys reading fashion and entertainment blogs and magazines. Ariana's favorite things to do are travel, explore Los Angeles, discover new music groups, and of course watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Ariana loves writing and sharing her experiences with you and hopes you enjoy reading her stories.   
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