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Beatuy How-To’s – The Sock Bun

One of the newest hair trends is the ultra sleek and stylish sock bun. Popularized on the Internet, the sock bun is a trendy hairstyle that is used to make a bun look fuller by basically stuffing it. Originally, the style required cutting the toe out of an old sock. However,  the look is so popular that the beauty industry came up with some nifty tools to make it easier and faster. Perfect for getting ready for class in ten minutes or an impromptu dinner date, here are the essential steps for creating a sock bun.

First, gather your hair into a sleek pony. Make sure it is exactly where you want it, because this ponytail will soon be transformed into your topknot.

Next, take out your handy-dandy hair tool. I prefer the Hot Buns Hair Accessory, which my mom ordered off a cheesy infomercial. But they sell practically identical tools at most drugs stores. These are all basically foam donuts that go around your ponytail to form the bun. I put my tool at the tip of my pony, and lift up. I then roll the tool all the way down the length of my pony.

Your entire ponytail should now be wrapped around the foam roller like in the picture below.

Now snap the foam roller in place to form the perfect donut shape. Your hair should still concentrated at the front of the roller.

Now use your fingers to spread out your hair evenly across the roller. Your hair should be covering every part of the roller so your tool is now totally hidden. Now secure the bun in place with a few bobby pins. If you have thicker or heavier hair, you might want to use an elastic.

And it’s done! You have now created a Pinterest- perfect sock bun. Everyone will think your hair is as voluptuous as Kim Kardashian’s, and no one will be able to detect your little foam helper. This style looks great with everything, but it can really give you a touch of elegance when you have to prepare for a formal event quickly. Plus, you never have to worry about your hair falling flat!

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