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9 Reasons to We Can’t Wait to See Pitch Perfect 2

By now, everyone’s heard of Pitch Perfect. The movie followed an aspiring DJ (Anna Kendrick) who does not want to be at college. She joins an all female a cappella group called the Barden Bellas and helps transform them into a winning team and a family. And May 15th, the story continues. While I’m sure almost everyone is psyched to see the sequel, there are some out there that aren’t. So for those nonbelievers out there, here’s a list of reasons to get aca-pumped for Pitch Perfect 2. And if you’re already practicing your scales and getting your toner ready for the big premiere, this one’s for you too.


The first was Aca-Awesome!

Other than the much beloved Glee, Pitch Perfect was the only storyline that focused on an a cappella group, at least on film. But it blew everyone’s expectations out of the water. From it’s funny jokes, silly-yet-lovable characters and great soundtrack, Pitch Perfect quickly became a much loved movie among teens and adults alike. I remember being in high school and everyone, and I mean everyone, was quoting this movie.

Anna Kendrick is the ultimate definition of bae

I literally don’t need to go into much detail about how awesome, funny and relatable Kendrick is. She has such a range of emotion, and uses it in all of her roles. Not to mention, she is hilarious.

The Gang’s all here!

I hate, hate, hate when they make a sequel of a movie and don’t have each and every one of the original cast members back. But Elizabeth Banks, the director as well as an actress in the movie, brought everyone back! All of the main members from the first installment will be back as well as old enemy Bumper (Adam DeVine), Kendrick’s love interest Jesse (Skylar Astin) and Star Wars loving Benji (Ben Platt).

The Newbies

Sometimes it’s hard to accept new people into a group. But from scenes, we can see the Bellas have taken at least two new singers under their wing. Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Begin Again) plays a new Bella by the name of Emily and Chrissie Fit (Teen Beach Movie) is another addition named Flo.

Songs, songs, songs!

The first movie had a great mix of hit songs and awesome medleys. Number 2 doesn’t seem much different. From the scenes we know there’s another Miley hit (“Wrecking Ball”) and there’s a reprise of “Cups.” There’s also some Queen Bey (“Run the World (Girls)”) and Carrie Underwood (“Before He Cheats”). They also throwback a little with “Poison” and “Bootylicious.”  

The Girl Power

A movie about sassy, hardworking college females? Hell yeah, sign me up!

There is no such thing as too many Riff-offs

I mean, for real though. The Riff-off from the first movie was one of the best and most entertaining parts of the movie.

Out with the old, in with the new

Enemies, that is. While the Bellas’ old headache Bumper is in the sequel, they now have bigger problems. The Bellas experience a new threat on the road to winning an international a cappella competition. An a cappella team from Germany are the most prevalent in promos, but basically every international team seems to be out for the Bellas’ throats. 

A movie with a lot of heart

While the Pitch Perfect movies are comedic in nature, there are definitely some tender moments that just add to the magic of the movie. In the first movie, the bond that was built around this ragtag group of girls was so inspiring. My high school women’s choir really connected with their story and even did our own rendition of “Cups.” To this day that song still gives me the chills. And from the scenes, it looks like there will be some tears shed in this one as well.

Pitch Perfect 2 opens May 15th.


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