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8 Spring Break Items You’re Probably Forgetting to Pack

We all know to pack a towel, sunscreen and a swimsuit for spring break, but don’t forget these other essentials! 

Completely Bare Wax Strips: Warm places means more exposed skin, and more exposed skin means hair removal! :) :)  And who wants to worry about shaving during your vacation? Take care of it before you hit the beach with these super easy, no-mess wax strips. Just warm the wax in your hands, and it’s ready to go!

Luna Bars: One of the best parts of spring break is it gets you out of your monotonous routine. But when you encounter an unexpected schedule and an unexpected place, it’s difficult to know what food will be available. Keep Luna bars in your bag to avoid getting hungry at inopportune times.  They’re also a nice healthy option, when the only choices on hand are convenience store junk food. Basically, never underestimate a woman with a purse full of granola bars.

Not Your Mother’s Hair Care: With water, sand, and chlorine all fighting for the chance to ruin your hair, it might need some extra TLC. Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo/Conditioner keeps hair light and voluminous, while still retaining natural moisture.

SABRE Pepper Gel: Who knew pepper gel could be so cute? This one fits on your key chain so you can feel safer in unfamiliar areas while on spring break. Just make sure to keep it in your checked bag—this lil guy won’t fly with our friends at the TSA.


Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell and The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn: In need of some light reads for the pool or beach? Look no further. The Intern’s Handbook won’t bum you out with tips on “How to Make a Good First Impression!”  It’s actually a thriller novel about John Lago, a man posing as an intern who’s actually planning to assassinate a law partner. The book reads as half exposé and half guidebook, but the fast pace will keep you entertained for hours. The unapologetic novel Dirty Rush revolves around the craziness of Greek life. While the majority of those in a sorority will probably find diffulty relating to the “x-rated fairy tale,” you’ll certainly connect with the cliché but true sorority experiences of the main character, like out of control (or overrated) parties or singing out of tune during ritual events.

Her Campus gear: From shirts to pens to koozies to sunglasses, Her Campus has you covered for practical gear you might need throughout spring break and beyond, all featuring the signature peppy pink. Check out the full collection here

And finally…

Chipotle Mexican Grill: If you can’t get to Mexico for spring break, bring the flavor of our southern neighbor to you! Just close your eyes and pretend that you’re enjoying your guac-filled burrito on the beach—no pricey airplane ticket needed!

Thanks so much to our sponsors: SABRE, Chipotle, Not Your Mother’s Hair Care, The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn Luna Completely Bare, Simon & Schuster, and the Her Campus shop! Happy spring breaking! 

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