8 Pump Up Jams for Your Lakefront Run

Hallelujah, it’s finally getting warmer out! We knew these days would peek out! This warm weather makes all of us want to spend more time outside, and for me, that means ditching the treadmill and going for a nice run by the lake! Sometimes I don’t like listening to music—the view is breathtaking enough to keep me going! But other times, I do, so today I thought I’d mention some of the best pump up songs I’ve used. Of course, we all know that Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” and Rocky’s “Gonna Fly Now”, for instance, are must-haves. So instead, I thought I’d focus on more underrated songs that you may not have come across or that you may not think would be awesome jams to hear while working out. Enjoy!

1. “Rock Steady” by The Whispers

You probably haven’t heard of this song because it’s pretty old and not super popular now. However, it’s great for running! As the title suggests, the tune has a steady beat that serves as a nice way for you to start out your run. The song is a little long, too, so you’ll have a solid warmup.

2. “Talk That Talk” by Rihanna, JAY-Z

This is definitely one of Rihanna’s most underrated songs, in general! I heard it on the radio once and knew it would be a fun tune to hear on runs. The beat also fits perfectly with my pace — which isn’t super fast! — so whether you’re around the same or faster, this song would be a good choice!

3. “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift

I know, I know. None of us like this song. But, I promise, you’ll like it a little if you’re running! The mysterious aura of the song pushes you and, again, the beat tends to match up with the average person’s pace. Give it a try — you’ll be happily surprised!

4. “When I Grow Up” by The Pussycat Dolls

This also probably seems like a peculiar pick. The fast tempo of the song, though, is a great energizer when you’re settling into your run. Your legs will move faster, and you won’t even notice! You may even chuckle to yourself at the idea of running to this throwback song. :)

5. “Downtown” by Macklemore 

This song is particularly appealing if you’re running in a big city. I’m from Boston, which is a huge running town, and now we live just outside Chicago, another big running place! “Downtown” makes me want to run down the main streets, marvel at all the buildings, and feel like a real city girl! You may even find yourself distracted while listening to this song!

6. “This Is Me” by Keala Seattle

Ugh, this song. So beautiful, so powerful, so great for running. On runs, it’s easy to feel discouraged if you don’t feel strong or fast. This song reminds us it’s okay to have those days, but at the same time, its upbeat chorus makes us feel like we can accomplish what we’re trying to do — whether that’s finish a 5K or run a marathon!

7. “Now or Never” by High School Musical Cast

I listened to this before so many of my high school meets! Even though it’s Disney, “Now or Never” pushes you to give it your all and go as hard as you can. This song is especially useful if you’re trying to get a personal record or push yourself to do something you haven’t, but it also just gives you an extra boost on an ordinary run, too! Plus, how can you not fall in love with more Troy and Gabriella??

8. “Started from the Bottom” by Drake

This song not only reminds you how far you’ve come—even if that’s just getting out of bed one morning to run! — but it also has a steady beat that will probably fit your pace. The lyrics are encouraging, and it’s a great final song for your workout.