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8 Fun Holiday Gift Finds at World Market!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

It’s crunch time at Northwestern, and not just because it’s finals week. Because it’s the last week of the quarter, and ultimately our last time on campus until next year, students are saying farewell to friends and celebrating the holidays a tad early. If your head is spinning from studying like mine is, finding the perfect gift for a friend is almost as challenging as hour seven in the library (almost). When you’re pressed for time and have to find gifts for a wide range of people, World Market–full of an eclectic variety of goods from around the world–is the perfect place to go! Here are eight affordable, fun gift ideas for the holidays this year:

1)   Holiday ornaments – 2 for $5

What’s more cheerful than an ornament? Ornaments are a timeless gift, that can be used as decoration all year round or seasonally on the Christmas tree.

2)   Lettered mugs – $7

These mugs are colorful, bright, and can instantly bright up a room and the person drinking from it. It’s also a personal gift without trying too hard.

3)   Candleholder – $6

These candleholders are elegant – a great way to class up a dorm room. By using a command hook, you can hang them anywhere. If you want to put a candle in it, I suggest usually a battery powered tea light. 

4)   Milka Chocolate Bar – $3

Milka chocolate bars  (European chocolate bars) are delicious! This is perfect for the sweets lover in your life who enjoys trying unconventional candies!

5)   Moselland Cat Riesling – $10.79

Have you ever seen a wine bottle this cute? After you finish the bottle (for the 21 and over crowd), it can be used as a vase or just a cute thing to put on your desk!

6)   Scented candles – $12

Candles are my favorite gift to give – they can make any place feel like home with their relaxing glow and comfy scents. This would be good gift for a family member back at home.

7)   “Selfies” Photo Album of Me, Myself, and I – $12

This photo album is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. If selfies aren’t your thing though, World Market has a massive stock of journals and stationary that would satisfy any writer.

8)   Wristlet – $15

While on the more pricey side, this wristlet is beautifully made and very unique. The bangles the store also sells are $13 and would make the style guru in your life very happy.

World Market is on 1725 Maple Avenue, in Evanston – a short 10-minute walk from Allison Dining Hall on South Campus. Happy shopping and happy holidays from Her Campus!