7 Ideas to Make Your Birthday Party a Success

There’s nothing more exciting than celebrating your birthday. Friends come together to drink, laugh and make good memories. Whether you’re going out into the city to celebrate or saving some cash and celebrating in your dorm room or home, here are some great Pinterest-inspired decoration and party ideas to make your next birthday celebration is the best one yet!

  1. Giant metallic balloons

These balloons have probably been the most popular form of decoration lately. These huge floating letters are perfect props for photos and are amazing statement decorations.

     2. Instagram hashtag

No better way to keep track of all the good memories on instagram than using a unique hashtag for your birthday! Making a hashtag for your party will make scrolling through everyone’s pictures from your get-together so much easier!

    3. Photobooth back drop

Not only are backdrops great for photos but they’re also great decorations. You can make the backdrop fit a certain theme or as personalized as you want. Don’t forget the props!

    4. Photo frame

The best thing about a photo frame is that it’s basically a moving backdrop. You can carry these frames around with you and capture good memories from every place in your home.

    5. Food bars

Decorations are important but food is probably the most important aspect of a party. You can make it sweet (like a hot chocolate bar or a s’mores bar) or you can make it savory (popcorn bar or chili bar).

    6. Memory board

Something you can keep after your party (aside from awesome pictures and memories) is a memory board! Friends can write down their favorite memories with you on little cards and you can have a whole list of why you’re so appreciated by your friends!

    7. Birthday task list

If you’re planning on going out with your friends, something to make your night a little more exciting is writing out a task list of missions you have to complete by the end of the night. Make them as silly and daring as you can to make the night even more eventful!