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7 Helpful Items for Panhellenic Recruitment!

Formal recruitment is finally here! From January 7th to the 11th, potential new members (PNMs) will have the chance to learn more about the 12 sorority chapters on campus. The days are long, and with only 7 minutes in between each party, it’s possible to feel a little overwhelmed. To help combat that, I took the time in between houses to make myself feel refreshed, confident, and centered for the next party. Here are 7 items that I used during my recruitment process in between parties!

  1. Lip balm

    All the talking that comes with recruitment can make your lips dry! I suggest something that isn’t sticky, so your hair doesn’t get stuck to your lips when the wind blows. 

  2. Oil Blotting Sheets

    Coming from someone with oily skin, the constant shifting from the humid houses to the frigid weather and back didn’t make my face too happy. These were life savers in those moments between houses.  

  3. Breath mints / breath spray

    Often during recruitment, you’re talking to a girl face to face. Breath mints helped me feel less self conscious about my breath before I started a new conversation at the next house. 

  4. Granola bar

    As the days can be long, make sure to bring something that will give you an energy boost. I always appreciated having one (or two) in my bag, especially on Saturday and Sunday. 

  5. Compact mirror

    It was pretty blustery outside last year during recruitment, and I remember always wondering what my hair situation was. A small compact mirror was perfect for doing a quick check – and making sure my eyeliner didn’t smudge. 

  6. Texting gloves

    It’s important to take notes on your impressions of the houses during recruitment, but the cold isn’t always conducive to doing that. Texting gloves helped me fight frost bite – and inform my decisions too. 

  7. Hand sanitizer 

    You will shake a lot of hands. If you have hand sanitizer, I guarantee you will make new friends waiting in line at the houses. You will want this one, I promise.

    Her Campus wishes all the ladies going through Panhellenic Recruitment good luck! Be yourself and have fun!  

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