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6 Tips to Survive This Fall Heatwave

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

This year, the summer seems to never end, which would be okay if classes hadn’t started up regardless. With the increasing temperatures bleeding into the fall months, but our school responsibilities not getting any lighter, it is difficult to manage the summer heat with the fall expectations. Hopefully in a few days the weather will cool down, but as for now, here are six tips to keep you alive during this boiling heat wave.


Know how to use your fan 

If you don’t have air conditioning in your dorm/apartment, it is likely that you bought a huge fan to keep you cool. If used incorrectly, the fan could just blow the hot air around the room and not help at all. Make sure you place your fan next to an open window and turn it on full power. This will ensure that the new air will be able to circulate and keep you cooler than before.


Setting spray and blotting paper 

If you are a girl who likes to get ready in the morning with a full face of makeup, setting spray and blotting paper will be your best friend. You don’t want your eyeliner to be dripping down your face during that 80 minute lecture, and you certainly don’t want to look an ounce less than the awesome lady you are.


Bring a sweatshirt 

Yes, I know this sounds like the opposite of what you want to do, but it is something I never forget. Although the weather is 90 degrees and the sun is beating down relentlessly, not all buildings have the same temperature. Your dorm might not have AC, but you can bet Tech certainly does and it is on full blast. Bringing a sweatshirt with you will ensure that no matter what building your classes are in, you will be comfortable and able to listen.

Carry a water bottle 

Do not, and I repeat, do NOT every forget your water bottle. The last thing you need is to become dehydrated midway to your class on the opposite side of campus. Especially during days that are filled with classes, it is difficult to find time to eat, let alone drink the amount of water your body needs to function. I often find myself forgetting to drink water if I don’t have it readily available, so make sure you carry a water bottle everywhere you go. Pro tip, if your trek is long and your water bottle to heavy, carry it empty to class and fill it up at the water fountain once you get there.


Invest some time in YouTube hair tutorials

If you are sick and tired of the same old ponytail and hair bun routine, spend some time watching easy 10 min hair tutorials that you can do quickly in the morning and will keep the heat off the back of your neck. A cute braid or a special updo will keep you warm and fit your style.

Don’t do too much 

If you are trying to start off the new school year with a rigorous exercise plan, know what you are doing before you jump out there. Running for hours on end in extreme heat will not be healthy, and if you don’t stay properly hydrated it could be dangerous. Working out indoors in air conditioned spaces would be safer than over exerting yourself in extreme heats.