6 Reasons to Cheer On Wildcat Basketball

With just two home games left this men’s basketball season, opportunities to support the Wildcats are dwindling. We might be finishing the season unranked, but the first 16 home games have been anything but boring. If you miss sporting your purple pride or just want a fun Saturday activity, head to the new-and-improved Welsh-Ryan Arena before the year ends.

The women’s basketball team is done with home games this year, and maybe you won’t make it to the men’s home games against Ohio State and Purdue on March 6 and 9, but there’s always next year! And, if you still aren’t convinced to cheer on the ‘Cats, here are six reasons to transform into a basketball aficionado before next season.

1. It’s free!

Your Wildcard is the only ticket you need! It isn’t always easy to come across events that are free and fun in Evanston. You won’t always be able to get into basketball games for free, and many schools don’t have that perk, so take advantage while you can.

2. You get free merch!

Neon sweatbands, gothic crewnecks, and Welsh-Ryan Arena t-shirts are only some of the swag items that have been given out at men’s basketball games. You can build up your stock of Northwestern merch without having to pay for over-priced sweaters and tees.

3. The Welsh-Ryan Arena is an unreal venue! 

Every seat in the student section is a great seat. The DJ plays jams during the games. The halftime shows bring in immense talent, from student a cappella groups to the Merion retirement facility’s Senior Wildcat Dance Team. Plus, the nachos, chicken tenders, and other concessions are unbelievably tempting. There isn’t much more you can ask for!

4. You’ll be on the edge of your seat! 

Our men’s basketball team has won over half of its home games, and a few of the losses have been nail-bitingly close. If you aren’t already a fan of the sport, maybe you’ll pick up a new interest. It’s hard not to be invested in these games when you’re surrounded by the Wildcat spirit. 

5. You’ve missed rooting on the ‘Cats.

It’s been so long since you’ve heard, “Go U Northwestern!” Your purple tops are getting dusty in unopened drawers. The Wildcats are a distant memory, and football season in September is just too far away. Good thing basketball season is the football season of winter quarter!

6. Spend a few hours having fun with your girls.

You could spend that time doing work in Core on Wednesday night or sleeping in and procrastinating on Saturday, but what’s the fun in that? Take a game day shuttle, split a cup of edible cookie dough, and get hype for the ‘Cats! You’ll make memories and decompress from the pressure of constant midterms and papers.