6 Fun Things to Do on Your Next Visit to Wrigleyville

Last weekend, my parents came to town for a visit. But instead of staying in Evanston, they stayed in Wrigleyville, since my dad and I had registered for the Race to Wrigley, a 5K benefitting the Cubs Charities. (The run was super fun, by the way, and you should all do it next year — you get to run inside Wrigley’s concourse!) Because my parents stayed in Wrigleyville, I spent some time there this weekend, and I realized it’s a really cute area that I hope to explore more! Here’s a list of some of the fun things you should try when you next head to Wrigleyville (which is only 30 minutes from Northwestern via train or Uber!)

1. Relax on Gallagher Way

Gallagher Way is home to the official Cubs shop, the gallery with the 2016 World Championship trophy, some restaurants, and — my favorite — a park right behind Wrigley Field. When I was at the park, I saw kids doing cartwheels, parents reading books, friends playing catch, and others just admiring Wrigley from behind. On a nice day, head over to Gallagher Way with some homework or with some friends and just soak in the nice atmosphere in Wrigleyville. Maybe even have a picnic!Image Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

2. Eat some hors d'oeuvres at Hotel Zachary

My parents stayed at Hotel Zachary, and the second floor restaurant has a patio that overlooks Wrigley Field. It’s charming, yummy and actually pretty warm, thanks to a fireplace out there! If you just want something small to nibble on or some drinks, definitely check out the Hotel Zachary — you can enjoy both with a beautiful view!

Image Courtesy of Bleed Cubbie Blue

3. Tour Wrigley Field

I toured Wrigley with my dad when I was pretty young, but I still remember how much I enjoyed learning about the history of the ballpark (one of America’s oldest!) and walking through the stadium without a game going on. Even if you’re not big about baseball, touring Wrigley is a fun way to get to know the sports culture of Chicago, and the field’s too pretty for the tour to get boring!

4. Pose next to statues of the baseball greats

If you’re a baseball fan like I am, you’ll want to take some pics of the statues outside Wrigley Field. From Ernie Banks to Ron Santo to even acclaimed announcer Harry Caray (below), these statues honor some Cubs icons, and they’re worth a brief visit to see!

Image Courtesy of Flickr

5. Enjoy the night scene at Murphy’s Bleachers or Cubby Bear

If you want to head to Wrigleyville at night for drinks, Murphy’s Bleachers or Cubby Bear might be your best bets. Both are right across from the stadium, and if you want to get the full effect, I’d recommend going when there’s a home game. I haven’t been to either, but they seem to have great reviews!

6. Watch a Cubs game!

And, of course, if you’re in Wrigleyville, go to a Cubs game! Whether they win or lose, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time. What’s better than watching a baseball game at one of the prettiest ballparks in one of the coolest areas of Chicago?

Image Courtesy of Flickr

What are your other favorite things to do in Wrigleyville?