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5 Ways to Start Wearing your Summer Clothes While it’s Still Cold Outside

As gray days give into tantalizing blue skies, your summer staples seem to be just begging to be worn. This guide will give you all the tips you’ll need to incorporate your summer clothes into your winter look while it’s still chilly.

Slip Into It

Wear a slip dress or a camisole over a long sleeve tee. Not only does this look keep you warm, but also allows you to navigate comfortable throughput the day. Reminiscent of both 20’s glamor and underwear-as-outwear, this outfit projects flirty vibes that will keep you steamy even in Chicago’s subzero temps.

Photo courtesy of owless (Twitter: @owlesscom)

Don’t Sweat It

A slouchy sweater layered over a short dress or mini-skirt can go a long way for both comfort and style. An oversized sweater says “I don’t try” while the dress or skirt peeping out begs to differ. For a layer of extra warmth, wear a pair of opaque or translucent tights.

Photo courtesy of Yseult Delcroix (Twitter: @yseultdel)

I’d Say We’re Pretty Tight

Did someone say tights? Tights can turn nearly every summer outfit into a winter one. Have a pair of shorts you’re dying to wear? A mini-skirt that you can’t save till summer? A romper that just has to be worn now? No problem. A pair of tights underneath can provide both an additional layer of warmth and an additional layer of complexity to an outfit. Experiment by adding a pop of color to your look with a bold colored pair or by playing with texture with some ribbed, lacey or patterned tights.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle

Keep Your Friends Close, but Keep Your Cardigan Closer

Lazy day + wearable snuggle + chicness= Cardigans. For a more relaxed look, layer a flowy cardigan over a crop top, tank top, or short dress. For a preppy, more business casual look, layer a button up cardigan over a short sleeve polo or button-up.  

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle

Overall, These Puns Aren’t Bad

This 90’s craze seems to be causing quite a stir lately. A pair of overalls layered over a crop top, crop sweater, or just about anything can tie together artistic flair with a semblance of summer. Want to really switch it up? Switch out your full length overalls for a pair over overall shorts and match with classic or edgy tights.

Photo courtesy of Camilla Cordeiro

These are just some basic tips if you want to get out your summer clothes early, but the best thing about fashion is that there are no hard and fast rules. Feel free to mix and match some of these suggestions, or toss them out entirely.


Cover image courtesy of Tamara Bellis

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