5 Types of Friends You Meet in College

College is a time like no other in your life – figuring out who you are, learning what you like, deciding what to do with the rest of your life, and, hopefully, making a few friends along the way. Not all friends are forever friends, which is totally fine. Once you learn to accept each different type of friend, it becomes much easier to simply appreciate them for the time you have together and take their behavior and your relationships with them with a grain of salt. 

1. Roommates

If you are lucky, you will find a roommate who is your best friend and with whom you will do everything together. However, along the way you might have one or two who are not totally crazy (you will have crazy ones too) but that you do not really click with – and that is fine! These friends are great for group hangs (parties with two groups of friends = bigger parties), going to the grocery store, or maybe even someone to talk to on the commute to school. If you are not besties it is okay, just appreciate if you have someone who washes the occasional dish and does not leave dirty socks on the floor!

2. Party Friends

Party friends are sadly almost never your lifelong friends. These are the friends that are always ready to go out and have some fun on the weekends, but maybe not the ones to whom you tell your real problems. These are the people that you want to be wary of getting too close – they are great for a good time but can often let you down if you expect too much from them.

3. Frenemies

These friends are the ones that you secretly hate (and who probably secretly hate you) but would be inconvenient not to be civil towards – maybe they are your friend's friend, your boyfriend's cousin, or maybe even your roommate. These are the ones to act nicely towards and avoid drama, because even if they get on your last nerve it is always best to keep your cool so as not to affect any of your other relationships.

4. School Friends

School friends are great for those days when the professor says "everyone find a partner!" or for those dreaded group projects. Even if you guys never hang out outside of class, it is great to know you will have each others' backs when one of you forgets what the homework is or you need a buddy for that final group paper. 

5. Friends for Life 

These friends are the rare ones - you are lucky to get one in your four years and if you find more, maybe consider buying a lottery ticket. Friends for life are your party friend, school friend, maybe roommate, confidant, and long-lost sister all rolled into one. They are the ones that when you say "we will talk everyday!" after graduation, you actually mean it. Friends drift apart – it is a natural part of life. But your BFF, even if you go through times where you do not talk as much, will always be there for you and you can bet anything you will be crying at each others' weddings a few years down the road.