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The 5 Things You’ve Been Dying to Find

If you know me, you know I’m notorious for becoming obsessed with the next fashion staple I need to have.  The problem is, sometimes it takes forever to find exactly what I’m looking for.  (My search for the perfect black suede pumps this winter took me over a month!) Of course now that it’s spring I’ve compiled a whole list of must haves again.  Curious to find out what other girls have been searching for this season, I decided to ask around.  Here’s my top pick for each category.  Happy shopping!
1. Sexy black heels for spring/summer


Every girl deserves a pair of shoes like these.  These black patent leather four-inch heels are a classic and can be worn with anything, and you’ll never have to worry about them going out of style.
2. Colorful Printed Romper


For those who can pull of the romper, it’s an adorable look for spring.  This silk romper can be dressed up with nude pumps for going out or dressed down with a pair of sandals for a cute effortless daytime look!
3. Bright Statement Jewelry


A popular request is fun and colorful jewelry to spice up a plain black dress or jeans and a tank.  These earrings are definitely adventurous, but if attention grabbing is what you’re going for and you’ve got the confidence to do it, these are my top pick.
4. Trench Coat


This lightweight spring trench is classy and cute and can make any outfit look more sophisticated in a matter of seconds. It’s just what you need to tie you over to the warm weather that’s coming our way soon (I hope).
5. The Perfectly Sized, Perfectly Convenient Going out Bag


This bag is perfect because you can wear it as a clutch or across your body freeing up your hands.  And if you’re like me there’s nothing more stressful than going out and constantly having to worry about where you left your purse.  There’s also an outside zipper for your cell phone, and it opens up so you can fit everything else you need inside.  Get it in classic black or mix it up with one of their other colors.

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Kylie Gilbert is a senior Journalism major and French minor at Northwestern University. She joined HC as a freshman as a contributing writer and has been campus correspondent since her sophomore year. When she isn't writing, online shopping, or reading fashion magazines, she loves watching The Mindy Project, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and everything on Bravo.
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