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5 Fun Things to do on Family Weekend!

Time to pack away that Halloween costume, clean up your dorm room and finish your homework for next week: Family Weekend kicks off this Friday, November 6! Northwestern has planned some awesome events for Family Weekend this year. All the scheduling can seem a bit daunting though, especially for first-time wildcat families.  For all the students who have families visiting, here are some alternate – and more low-key – activities that you can do on Northwestern’s Family Weekend:


1. Go tailgating with your fam!

Throw your parents back to their college years with a bit of juvenile fun and bring them to one of Northwestern’s unofficial tailgates around campus. The Wildcats will go against Penn State this Saturday, November 7 at 11 a.m. It’s an early game, but remind them it’s all part of the college experience (right?). Let the debauchery begin! 

Played it safe with my parents last year and just went to the game. Still a lot of fun though! 

2. Explore different Chicago neighborhoods

If your parents have a car with them, take advantage of the opportunity to go into Chicago neighborhoods that are inaccessible by the L. For example, Wicker Park is a goldmine of restaurants and cute shops. Hyde Park is also a great option; close to UChicago’s campus, it is home to incredible architecture AND Obama’s favorite restaurant (Valois Restaurant).

3. Go on a walk to the Bahá’í Temple

Enjoy the fall foliage and rally your family to go on a walk to the Bahá’í! The weather is supposed to be mostly sunny on Saturday with a high of 54 degrees, and sunny on Sunday with a high of 55 degrees. Less than a two-mile walk away from the Arch, it’ll be a perfect time to bond with your family and soak in some sunshine.

4. Coffeehouse crawl

Evanston is home to many cute coffee shops, all having their own distinct vibe and conveniently located within walking distance of each other. Unicorn Café, Other Brother Coffeehouse, Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Patisserie Coralie are some of my favorites. Check them out! Unicorn has a wide range of delicious teas, Other Brother has great fresh brewed coffee, Peet’s has an incredible drink called a Black Tie and Patisserie Coralie has sweets to die for. 

5. Picnic on the Lakefill

What’s better than lunch overlooking Lake Michigan and the skyline of Chicago? Pick up some food from Norris or any place in town and lunch on the rocks with your family. Simple yet sweet – it’s wonderful to be able to share a place you love with people you love! 

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