5 Fun Spring Activities for Rising Temperatures

If you live in the Midwest, it may have been months since you’ve seen the sun for more than a few hours at a time. As temperatures warm up and college students start to peek their heads out from behind windows and coats long shut for winter, everyone starts to head outside, looking for ways to soak up the sun. While just enjoying a stroll outside can be great, here are a few free or very cheap ways to spend to your time outside anywhere with green space or trees, or with friends.

1. Exercise

Sometimes doing exercise outside can be daunting, especially if it's in a public space. Some people find it even scarier than working out at a gym, because at least there, everyone is working out and might be a bit less likely to pay attention to others. If you aren’t particularly self-conscious, and being outside helps you create a grounded state, outdoor yoga can be a great activity. A flat space to lay your mat, or even just a towel or nothing at all, is all you need! Simple core exercises can also be made more excited just by being outside. If you’re less comfortable with working out outdoors, going for a run can be a bit less risky feeling, as there is much less chance of messing up!

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2. Bike

Biking uses all your major leg muscle groups as you pedal, so you get a full workout. It also has much less impact than running, so if you’re one to get shin splints or have knee pain, it can be a good outdoor alternative. It's also a great way to see lots of space, like an entire park or section of a city, in a shorter time than just walking, but a bit more closely than driving around. If you have your own bike, this option is great, but if you don’t many urban cities have available bike rental/usages for very little cost.

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3. Hammock

Hammocking is a fairly trendy, outdoorsy activity that only requires a bit of initial buy-in – you have to get a hammock. You can find them for pretty cheap off websites like Amazon, or pay a bit higher cost for some nicer brands with higher quality materials, or ones that donate to charity. Once you have a hammock, the activity is one that you can do over and over again - a fun twist on just sitting outside with friends.

4. Have a picnic

If you need a bit more activity than just sitting outside, get some food involved! Having everyone invited bring a snack of some sorts can diminish costs, or bringing Tupperware to a dining hall on campus and sneaking food out. Bring a speaker and some blankets, and you have a whole afternoon in front of you.

5. Play frisbee or catch

Reminiscent of playing with a parent at a barbecue, frisbee or catch are super simple and nostalgic activities, but also, super fun. A grocery or dollar store frisbee isn’t usually more than a few bucks, and a whole group can get involved. It can be even more fun if you make up some sort of game of your own. It's alright to act like a little kid sometimes!