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HBO’s television show Big Little Lies has been renewed for a second season, due to air this coming June, and viewers have been teased by a few details about the show. All of the cast members from season one have returned, and a new face has been added – Meryl Streep. The audience has been given just a few seconds of teaser footage in HBO’s minute long video of what’s coming in 2019, showing the entire cast of main women dramatically at a police lineup.

If you haven’t watched this absolutely killer show (no pun intended) here are four reasons to start before it comes back this summer.

1. Acknowledgment and representation of topics like domestic abuse, sexual assault and PTSD

While it can be difficult to watch, Big Little Lies takes a hard look at domestic abuse in relationships. It shows the complex relationship many people have with their abuser, and the struggle to leave an abusive relationship. More than that, though, it shows steps to take to exit an abusive relationship, told directly from and facilitated by a relationship therapist present in the show.

The show acknowledges other difficult topics, including PTSD from traumatic situations like sexual assault, and how it can affect a person long after the event.

2. A beautiful title sequence

The intro series of shots for every episode depicts the coastline of Monterey, California, where the show is set. The dramatic cliffs and rocks sit against the Pacific ocean as the main characters drive past, carting off their children to school and various activities. Accompanying this beautiful series of shots is a song called “Cold Little Heart” by British musician Michael Kiwanuka, a stirring song fit for this repeated part of the show.

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3. An absolutely amazing soundtrack

One of the main characters in the show, despite only being in first grade, has a diverse and beautiful taste in music, and often sets the tone for a scene with what she plays. From choosing the music in her mother’s car to finding songs that her parents dance to while she sleeps, little Chloe in the show contributes greatly to the ambiance of the show with works from artists like Leon Bridges and the Alabama Shakes. Other amazing musical moments include a sequence of many of the mothers in the show singing along to “Thunder” by Fleetwood Mac, and of course, the performances of many Elvis songs in the final episode.

4. An all-star cast

The women in this show are incredibly cast, coming from all different genres of film and television, and melding together their style in a beautiful way in this show as they act as mothers of first graders. The cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern. Alexander Skarsgard and Adam Scott also bring an interesting dynamic, hailing from very different, notable acting backgrounds.

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