2017 American Music Awards: The Highlights

The American Music Awards aired Sunday night and while the audience remained excited throughout the night, all the performances were not very thrilling. This year’s AMAs was a snooze fest! Most of the nominees did not attend. Plus, some of the artists sang songs they performed at the MTV VMAs months ago. Luckily, instead of watching the three-hour long award show you can just read our highlights from the evening.

P!nk and Kelly Clarkson

These two vocal powerhouses opened the show with a soulful cover of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” in honor of the effects from recent natural disasters and other tragedies people have suffered from this year. The two starlets clearly admire each other and neither tried to over sing. Also, they both performed again later!

Tracee Ellis Ross

The Blackish star served as the host for the evening and she was extremely funny and entertaining. She also was the perfect choice considering her mother, the iconic Diana Ross, was honored. She should have had more moments to present because there was a good portion of the show where she disappeared. But, whenever she did take the stage, some much needed energy was added after a few lackluster performances.

The Butchered Names

There were some Adele Dazeem moments that made the night more fun! While introducing Christina Aguilera for her tribute to Whitney Houston and the soundtrack from The Bodyguard, Viola Davis mispronounced the vocal showstopper’s name. But, Aguilera made up for it by singing unforgettable songs like “I Will Always Love You” and “I Have Nothing.” Later, when introducing Niall Horan’s performance of “Slow Hands,” Kelly Rowland said “Neil Horan” and later apologized on Twitter. He didn’t seem to mind, though, because he was smiling and clearly having a great time during his performance.

Some Awards

Speaking of Horan, he walked away with the Best New Artist title. The best acceptance speech goes to Bruno Mars who won artist of the year. Unfortunately, he was not there in person. He did send a funny video in a minivan to make up for his absence. Hopefully, he returns from touring to wow everyone at the Grammys. The most emotional moment came when Linkin Park won an award for favorite alternative rock artist and dedicated the win to Chester Bennington.  

Most Unlikely Collaboration

At first, Khalid and Imagine Dragons seem like an odd pairing. But, Imagine Dragons never fails to deliver a grand performance with production. Khalid’s hit “Young Dumb & Broke” coupled with the alternative rock group’s single “Thunder” fit together flawlessly. Both gave a memorable performance.

P!nk Hangs Off The Side of a Building

Performance of the night hands down goes to P!nk. While some artists clearly chose to lip sing, P!nk sang live, twice. Not only did she sound immaculate both times, but she sang “Beautiful Trauma” while completing a visually stunning acrobatic routine off the side of a hotel. People will be talking about this performance for years. Is P!nk human?

Honorable Mentions

Fifteen years after being crowned the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson sang her classic empowering anthem “Miss Independent.” She then transitioned to her current single “Love So Soft.” The vocalist hit some very difficult notes and proved she is the best winner, vocally, from the singing competition show. Also, international K-Pop sensation BTS had their American television debut. People in the audience were so invested in the performance that some started crying. The group had the best dance choreography of the night.

An Icon Returns

Ah, Ms. Diana Ross. Today’s music industry desperately wishes for a talented artist like this legend. However, her medley reminded people that Diana Ross is incomparable. The tribute began with a video of her most supreme videos, duets with artists like Michael Jackson and show outfits. She then belted classics like “I’m Coming Out,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “The Best Years of My Life” which she dedicated to the audience. During her final song, she invited her entire family and fellow Motown stars Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy on stage with her.  Diana Ross will forever be a queen.