17 Movies to Watch This Mother's Day

That’s right, Mother’s Day is right around the corner — which means brunch dates with your mom, heartfelt phone calls and the perfect card just for her. Hosting your own Mother’s Day movie marathon is also a simple and fun way to celebrate the holiday whether you’re with your mom or not this Sunday. From films that make you want to laugh out loud to heartfelt movies with all-around good vibes, there are plenty of films out there that will make spending time with your mom on Mother’s Day even better. So, whether she’s sitting right beside you or you’re chatting via phone or Skype, these movies will definitely make for the perfect mother-daughter movie marathon.


1. Ricki and the Flash (2015)

What it’s about: Meryl Streep plays a rockstar mom who has finally returned home to her family — including her real-life daughter Mammie Gummer — to make amends after being on the road for so long.

Why watch it: Meryl Streep, mother-daughter humor and great music


2. Mamma Mia! (2008)

What it’s about: Amanda Seyfriend plays Sophie, a woman who runs a successful hotel on a small Greek island with her mother (Meryl Streep) and is looking to find her long-lost father before her wedding day.

Why watch it: Meryl Streep, a rocky love story and all the ABBA hits you two can sing along to


3. Julie & Julia (2009)

What it’s about: Charming and funny, this movie follows the lives of two women who, when pushed to the limits, discover that their shared passion and the right amount of butter can get them exactly where they need to be.

Why watch it: More Meryl Streep, tons of laughs and delicious-looking food


4. Steel Magnolias (1989)

What it’s about: A heartwarming and funny story, this film follows the life of Shelby Eatenton, who prepares to face the potentially life-threatening consequences of giving birth with the help of her five friends.

Why watch it: Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and an overwhelming feeling of friendship


5. Pretty in Pink (1986)

What it’s about: Starring Molly Ringwald, this film follows Andie Walsh — a teenager who lives on the poor side of town with her single father — as she struggles to find a balance between the class difference she think is keeping her apart from her crush.

Why watch it: Young Jon Cryer dancing, young Robert California from The Office, a cute Romeo and Juliet love story


6. Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

What it’s about: A spoiled housewife from Beverly Hills tries to prove her husband wrong when he calls her selfish by becoming the leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

Why watch it: Hilarious incidents, light-hearted, easy to watch, classic hijinks


7. Death Becomes Her (1992)

What it’s about: Two female rivals drink a potion that promises them eternal youth. After killing each other over the man they both want, they are brought back to life and forced to remain in their undead bodies forever.

Why watch it: Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis and a surprisingly hilarious twist of events


8. Beaches (1988)

What it’s about: Pull the tissues out for this one. This film follows two childhood best friends as they go through their lives and experience heartache, loss, laughs and life-changing adventures.

Why watch it: Bette Midler, lots of tears and a heartwarming story


9. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

What it’s about: Bridget Jones is a British woman in her thirties with her job, weight, bad habits and love life completely out of control. As her love life becomes the forefront of her problems, Jones decides to change her life and career for the better.

Why watch it: Wild laughs, eccentric romances and a relatable female lead


10. Freaky Friday (2003)

What it’s about: A remake of the 1976 classic, this film follows the lives of a mother and daughter who don’t see eye to eye. After an ancient curse it put on them, they switch bodies and are forced to find a way to get along and switch back or stay in each other’s bodies forever.

Why watch it: Lindsay Lohan at her best, the grandpa and one of the best end songs to a movie


11. The Heat (2013)

What it’s about: An FBI agent and a Boston cop with clashing personalities are paired together to catch a drug lord and face some hilarious struggles along the way.

Why watch it: Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock and tons of laughs


12. Juno (2007)

What it’s about: Hit with an unplanned pregnancy, an eccentric teenager makes the decision to give up her child to a well-off suburban couple and does some growing up along the way.

Why watch it: Ellen Page at her best, Michael Cera on the cross country team, some of the best one-liners you’ve ever heard


13. Easy A (2010)

What it’s about: A reimagining of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic The Scarlet Letter, this film follows a high school teen named Olive who gets more than she asked for when she spreads a rumor about herself in an attempt to become popular.

Why watch it: Emma Stone, a hilarious play on classic literature, the “Pocketful of Sunshine” montage


14. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

What it’s about: An eclectic and dysfunctional family of six embarks on a road trip to get the youngest child of the family to a beauty pageant on time.

Why watch it: Shows that families stick together, acknowledges that everyone faces their own problems and it’s filled with laughs


15. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

What it’s about: This feel-good rom-com follows the story of a middle-aged man faced with a divorce who tries to rediscover himself with the help of a classy, young socialite who teaches him how to pick up women at bars.

Why watch it: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Steve Carell and a twist ending that gets you every time


16. Heartbreakers (2001)

What it’s about: A mother-daughter team of scam artists seduces wealthy men for their money without a hitch, until the daughter falls for their next target.

Why watch it: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sigourney Weaver and a laugh from start to finish


17. Brave (2012)

What it’s about: A skilled and independent young woman is determined to carve her own path. But, when her old-fashioned mother insists she marry one of three suitors, Merida does the unthinkable and consults a witch who changes her mother’s life forever.

Why watch it: Fantastic animation, hilarious bear scenes, three wild little brothers and heartwarming ending

Now that you have a few movies to check out, call up your mom or shoot her a text to plan that Mother’s Day movie marathon. With films like these, you two are sure to have a hilarious and heartwarming Mother’s Day to remember.

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