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10 of the Most Underrated Romantic Comedies

Sometimes, the perfect Friday night can be spent cuddling up to a bowl of kettle corn and a laptop to watch a romantic comedy. There is something about having a good cry while seeing a way too perfect love story unfold that truly warms your heart. But, the best romantic comedies are the hidden gems that are not overly quoted on social media sites (ahem, The Notebook and Titanic). Check out these underrated movies that will soon top your list of favorite films:

1. About Last Night (1986)

Aside from Rob Lowe and Demi Moore being two talented and inexplicably beautiful actors, this movie made the list because for once, the roles of the annoying but helpful best friends were funny and much needed. Lowe and Moore’s friends are just as integral to the storyline as the two leads and will definitely make you laugh.

2. Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

One of the less well-known John Hughes movies of the ‘80s, Some Kind of Wonderful should have as big a following as Sixteen Candles. The story follows the storyline of the typical lonely boy who quietly admires the popular girl but throws in a couple of twists.  You’ll have to watch to see.

3. Mystic Pizza (1988)

Why not watch a movie with the word pizza in the title? This film is credited for launching Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor’s acting careers. It features crazy, curly ‘80s hair, plenty of pizza, and possibly the best reaction to being lied to by a boyfriend ever.

4. The Man in the Moon (1991)

This movie blessed the world with the one and only Reese Witherspoon. This coming-of-age film is based on a true story and is set in rural Louisiana. Young love and beautiful landscapes is the perfect combination. Spoiler alert: have tissues ready if you decide to watch this.

5. Dogfight (1991)

The most undervalued film on this list has to be Dogfight. Also starring Lili Taylor and the late River Phoenix, the period piece tackles important issues like self-esteem and fear of fighting in a war. Its awkwardness makes it realistic and heartfelt.

6. A Walk to Remember (2002)

Whenever someone tells you the best Nicholas Sparks’ film is The Notebook, please kindly tell him or her to immediately leave your presence and watch A Walk To Remember. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling acted out a beautiful love story, but Mandy Moore and Shane West had the best film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks’ book of all time. Be prepared to cry.

7. A Lot Like Love (2005) 

Ashton Kutcher made a lot of questionable acting career choices in the early 2000s, but A Lot Like Love was not one of them. Watch a shaggy-haired Kutcher be his normal, goofy self as he figures out his complicated relationship with Amanda Peet. P.S. the soundtrack to this movie is Spotify-playlist worthy.

8. Keith (2008)

Did you know teenage heartthrob Jesse McCartney has starred in movies in addition to his singing career? Well, he has, and he is actually really good! This indie film will convince you that you know exactly who Keith is, before fooling you of course. You will not be able to predict the ending of this movie.

9. Adam (2009)

Ella Enchanted’s Prince Char has come a long way in this dramatic film about a man with Asperger syndrome. Hugh Dancy stars opposite Rose Byrne in an emotional movie about learning to overcome obstacles in a relationship. Dancy is perfect in his role and Bryne is certainly not a cliché romantic comedy female lead.

10. Like Crazy (2011)

Before being recognized by The Academy for her role in The Theory of Everything, Felicity Jones played a young woman struggling with a long distance relationship in Like Crazy. This film is less uplifting compared to the others on this list but is still worth watching due to its authenticity and simplicity.  

Happy binge-watching!

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