10 Easy Costumes For Halloween By Dressing In All Black

Halloween is simultaneously one of the best and most difficult holidays of the year. While it’s a blast to go out with the squad, finding costumes for every day of Halloweekend can be super difficult. Her Campus is here to wave away those holiday woes so you’ll be on your way to having an amazing night (and week). Even if you don’t have some black apparel, one of your fellow peers is sure to have these pieces in their wardrobe. So if you're ever in need of a last-minute get-up, this guide has got you covered!

1. Black Cat

Throw on some cat ears and a little black dress and you’re set for this easy number! This may be a basic costume, but when you look this good, does it matter?

2. Sandy from Grease

Creative, flirty and you can rock a red lip by being Sandy. All you need is an off the shoulder top and some black leggings and you’re off to find your own Danny!

3. Biker Chick

Effortless and cool – being a biker chick will definitely give you a chill vibe at any Halloween party. Just grab a leather jacket and some motorcycle booties for the basic look or add some sunglasses and tousled hair to go all out.

4. Bandit

With a little DIY magic for a mask (or a 50 cent one from the store) just dress in all black and you’re set! Plus this costume gives you an option for a bag to put all of your necessities in. 

5. Wednesday Addams

Two long braids and either a black dress or a set of a black button down and a skirt is all you need! Complete with a constant but terrifying version of RBF and you have Wednesday to a tee.

6. Ninja

The mystery of the mask with a black low-cut top is revealing without being too much. Throw on some dark pants and boots and add some fake knives or red accents if you’re feeling fancy.

7. Catwoman

Catwoman is sexy and strong – all you need is a slinky black outfit, a mask and some cat ears!

8. Batman

 Print out a Batman sign, grab a mask and some bat ears and you’re all good to go with just a little black dress or black outfit!

9. Black Widow

 If you already have red hair, this one is a no-brainer. Grab a black jacket, black skinnies and a belt and you’re good to go!

10. Vampire

For this look, it’s all in the makeup! Wear any kind of black outfit and go all out with some fangs and bloody dark lipstick to rock a modern vampy look.
Gifs Courtesy of Giphy