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10 Dates to Take Yourself on This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to show some love, so why not show it to yourself by doing your favorite things? Whether you are spending V Day with your boy toy, BFFs or yourself, make some time and go out on a solo date! Here are 10 possible activities:

1. Spa treatmentWhatever your favorite spa treatment (facial, mani pedi, or massage), today is the day to treat yourself to it. Splurge on that gel manicure or mud mask.  Bien Assorti, the nail salon, has a warm ambiance and great service.

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2. Breakfast in bedOne of my most favorite things is to start the day peacefully with a nice breakfast in bed. Instead of rushing to get to class and eating a granola bar in your 10 AM, set your alarm for thirty minutes early and make yourself something yummy. Oatmeal and English muffins are delish options in the winter.

3. Exploring ChicagoJumpstart your weekend and get out of the Evanston bubble! Catch a show, browse in boutiques or get a nice meal in the city.  Take a free ride on the Intercampus shuttle to Michigan Avenue and have fun in Chicago.

4. VolunteeringA fulfilling way to devote downtime is giving back to others.  This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be reading to little kids at the Evanston Public Library and I couldn’t be more excited. Check out a soup kitchen, a mentoring program or an animal shelter and make someone else’s Valentine’s Day extra lovely.

5. Retail therapyGo check out your favorite boutique in Evanston or take the bus to Old Orchard and get a special item.  Francesca’s in Evanston has some new bright pieces that are perfect for Spring Break.  I just snagged a royal blue romper there yesterday as an early Valentine’s Day gift for myself, or that might just be my rationalization for a random Tuesday purchase. Anyways, on to the next date possibility…

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6. Sweat it out

An awesome way to treat yourself is to do your favorite workout.  Bonus: your mood and your abs will thank you for it.  There are many exercise classes available in Evanston, like Pure Barre and Down Dog Hot Yoga. If you want something a little simpler, just make an extra fun playlist and head to SPAC.

7. An indulgent mealEveryone knows the rule, “Calories don’t count on your birthday,” and I am stretching that definition to Valentine’s Day! For a cool spot, Hoosier Mama Pie Company is an amazing place. It has live music and the most delicious pastries.

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8. The movie theaterNothing says love like Zac Efron (swoon). Check out his That Awkward Moment and feast your eyes.

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9. Art classGet your creative juices flowing and check out a cool art class. ARTica Studios in Norris or the Open Studio Project on Sherman are great places.

10. Coffee shopGo to Starbucks, Peet’s, Unicorn Café, etc. Bring a book (not a textbook!!), order your favorite drink and just relax. Norah Jones and a vanilla latte with almond milk can work wonders on your soul.

The brilliant Diane von Furstenberg once said, “The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself,” so go cultivate that relationship this Valentine’s Day!

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