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What You Need To Know About Greg Abbott’s Harmful Abortion Bill

On Sept. 1, 2021, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill prohibiting abortions as early as six weeks. This only gives women two weeks after their missed menstrual cycle to know they are pregnant and decide whether or not they want to terminate the pregnancy. Many abortion rights advocates agree that this isn’t enough time for women to contemplate such an important decision. Many women don’t even know they’re pregnant during the first six weeks, which makes it hard for any woman in Texas to get a safe abortion. Along with this ban, Texans are now able to sue abortion providers and anyone who they suspect to be aiding in abortions. This is a threat to scare women and practitioners, putting many women’s health at risk. Women in Texas may feel the need to do this procedure at home, which is extremely dangerous and can cause many complications. This new bill directly attacks Roe v. Wade, during which abortion was ruled a constitutional right in the Supreme Court. They are stripping this right that many women fought for and were relieved to finally have. Now with only six weeks to figure out if you’re pregnant, women are afraid they won’t be able to have a safe abortion if they need to

If you’re as outraged as many other Americans are, there are many different organizations you can donate to, like Planned Parenthood, or petitions you can sign, such as this one. It’s important to help these organizations because they work to treat those that are affected by this bill. Other things you can do to help are to get involved with your own community, go to town meetings and vote. If we all come together, we can make serious changes. 

Alexis Velasco

Northern Arizona '23

I'm Alexis (she/they) and I am currently attending Northern Arizona University and studying journalism and political science. I have a deep passion for politics and getting others involved. I hope with joining Her Campus I can have a creative outlet and have peers to work alongside with.
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