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Raise your hand if you’re a notoriously bad texter like me! I’m telling you that it is not an easy task, and it is a daily struggle. I am good at texting my family back and most of my friends. However, sometimes I do not want to respond because I’m not going to lie; I do not feel like it. It can be overwhelming, and honestly, I don’t care if people tell me I am a terrible texter because, trust me, I know. It reminds me of a story recently that I am going to share because it proves my point.

I was on Tinder, which I would like not to have anymore, and I matched with a boy, let’s call him Harry (not his real name). I messaged Harry first, simply saying Ayo because that is my go-to. I am not original when it comes to saying something quirky or funny, so I keep it basic, so sorry if we match on Tinder. Anyway, Harry told if that was all I had, so I got roasted, but it’s okay, I’m fine. Sometimes, I only used one-word replies because I didn’t know what Harry wanted me to say. We were talking about the show “You” and how I am currently on season 3. That automatically made Harry say that he already had an idea for a date, and all I said was “interesting,’’ and I guess that wasn’t good enough. Harry asked me to meet up for coffee sometime and then proceeded to tell me in that conversation (through Tinder, not in person) that texting was not one of my strengths. I already knew it wasn’t one of my strengths, but that hurt a part of me, considering it came from someone else.

I’m here to tell you that it is completely fine if you aren’t good at the whole texting thing. Even if you are a terrible replier, at least we are trying and still responding at some point. I think it’s okay not to text someone back all the time because I’m sure they have done the same thing before. Most of my friends aren’t good at it either and sometimes don’t even see it until much later in the day or night. Texting doesn’t have to be consistent, and it can be draining, feeling the pressure of having to reply. Also, if you ghost someone or someone ghosts you, there is likely a valid reason for it but do what you got to do. Also, if you feel some kind of burnout and need to take some time for yourself, it’s okay not to text everyone back or send that critical streak on Snapchat. I would like to remind everyone to text or call their mom and check in if they do not feel the greatest. Bad days happen, and texting does not ever have to be a priority. Take some time for yourself and be the person you need to be for yourself, not what others require you to be.

In the glorious words of RuPaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” I applaud those who are lousy texters because we are trying our best even if others don’t appreciate it.

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