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What you Think About when you are Bored in Class

We’ve all been there, sitting in a class bored out of our minds and finding it impossible to stay focused. Every time we try to listen to the words rambling from the teacher’s mouth, we just find ourselves deep in thought about something random. Here are a few things that you may have thought about, or maybe will think about, the next time a class seems to be lulling you to sleep:

1. “Can time move any slower? Is my teacher physically slowing down the rate in which time is occurring? Why does every minute feel like one hour?! Let’s speed this up.”


2. “What should I eat for lunch? What about dinner? What about tomorrow for breakfast?”


3. “Maybe if I blink a lot I won’t fall asleep.”


4. “How many times is too many times to take a ‘bathroom break’? Is three times suspicious?”


5. “If I could read minds... I wonder what everyone in this class is thinking.” “What if someone is thinking about exactly what I am thinking about right now...”


6. “What would happen if I just ran out of the classroom right now? Would anyone care?”


7. “What scenario can I play out in my head right now? What if I fell in love with a famous person and we traveled to a Fiji in a private jet and I became friends with all of their celebrity friends....”


8. “I should really focus. Because now I just have to relearn all of this on my own. Good going…”


9. “Uh-oh I’m drifting off to sleep. Yup. No stopping me now.”


10. “...I definitely fell asleep. But gotta play it cool”


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