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What the First Week of Classes Are Like as an Architecture Student

In the last few years, every time I mentioned to friends my interest in studying architecture, they’d compliment me on my passion to study the subject and then, in a customary manner, tell me the high dropout rate associated with the unbearable rigor of the studio environment.

With this in mind, I was both excited and worried when I came to Northeastern. I was embarking on an exhilarating new journey as well as the uphill battle of architecture school. Overall, however, I was ready for this new chapter in my life. I was excited to be busy again — after an extremely relaxing summer — and optimistic about my future.

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My first class in college was a morning physics class. I expected physics, one of my least favorite subjects, to be a challenge I wasn’t ready for. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the class, especially since I was able to see firsthand how applicable the material I was learning was to the practice of architecture. As I write this article in my second week of classes, I can boldly declare that my physics class is one of my favorites, and not just because the class occasionally ends early!

The rest of the week went smoothly — everyday I was learning so many new things in my design electives, my introduction to architecture class, and my architectural history lecture. The small class size has allowed for a personal interaction with my professors, which I have been very appreciative of. I know I’ll fall more in love with architecture as the year goes on.

All throughout my first week, I made a point to write down some notable quotes that I heard — whether they were about architecture or college in general — to summarize the content I was learning. One of my favorite quotes was said by my Introduction to Architecture professor: “Architecture is the oldest language on Earth. We were building things before we were talking, and this universal language allows me to communicate with people around the world, even if I don’t speak their local languages.”

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Above all, the classes I’m taking seem to intertwine with each other in some way or another. I never saw the connection between physics and graphic design until the first week of classes, and I feel more like an architecture student every day. Even though I haven’t pulled any all-nighters (yet!), I’ve come to love the architecture school atmosphere and can’t wait to further examine the details of architecture.

I have never been more optimistic about my future. I know I’m headed in the right direction and am excited to make use of all the opportunities available to me here. Studying architecture in Boston has already proven to be an amazing asset — I have been able to immerse myself in the vast natural landscapes, the large, modernized buildings, and the rich history of this place. I’m so excited to call Boston my new home!

Ritika Iyer

Northeastern '24

Ritika is from Seattle, Washington and currently attends Northeastern University, pursuing an architecture degree. When she's not in studio, she loves exploring coffee shops in the area, tweeting for Her Campus NU, bullet journaling, watching Jeopardy!, and sightseeing around Boston.
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