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Valentine’s Day Must-Have: Sweet Corner Bakeshop NYC

Valentine’s Day should be renamed National Chocolate Day. Whether you have a significant other or not, American capitalism has provided us with many different new and inventive chocolate masterpieces to try. Specifically, Sweet Corner Bakeshop invented and is selling a giant two pound Nutella-stuffed gold heart and my chocolate-loving heart is all about it.

                                                                                                           Courtesy of Youtube

The bakery, located in Brooklyn, New York, has many Nutella-inspired desserts to make this Valentine’s Day even sweeter. The giant golden heart has caught the eye of Instagrammers everywhere, but the bakery does more than just this Nutella masterpiece. The hearts come in smaller, bite-size morsels, but the bakery also sells what they argue is the “best sea salt chocolate chip cookie in town,” along with red velvet and red velvet Nutella bomb cookies.

                                                                                              Courtesy of Sweet Corner Bakeshop

The best part is Sweet Corner Bakery delivers to Boston. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a box of assorted cookies, because you deserve it.

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