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UMM, Is it really spring? As told by Neil Patrick Harris

It’s pretty common knowledge that winter in the Northeast starts in mid-October, with no promise of stopping until the end of April.

However, that doesn’t stop all of us from hoping that spring will come early, just this once.

We enjoy the snow throughout the holiday season…

But by mid-January, it starts to get the better of us.

By early February, freshman from California are beginning to question their decision to attend school across the country.

And by the end of February, even native Northeasterners are wishing they’d relocated somewhere warm.

Then, in mid-March, just when students are seriously considering packing their bags and jetting off to Florida…

There’s a single warm day, or maybe two if we’re particularly lucky.

No matter how many times we’ve fallen for this trick, students can’t help hoping that maybe it really is spring, and we won’t have to put our winter coats on again until November. Bring on the shorts and tank tops!

The sunshine is an incredible mood-lifter, and both students and professors seem happier.

Some even decide to eat lunch outside, even though it’s still too early for any chairs to be set up in the quad.

Then, the next day, everything’s back to normal….

As if that one beautiful spring day never happened.

And until the sunshine comes along again, we pretty much have to pretend it never existed in the first place.

With the added threat of the polar vortex, this year’s Boston winter has been particularly brutal.

Although not as bad as the ever accumulating snow that the Midwest got hit with.

But (hopefully), spring will truly be on its way to Boston within the next few weeks.And we can start wearing our favorite clothes again.

And we’ll forget that sleet was ever even a thing.

 If only for another six months.

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