The Top 10 Boba Places in the Greater Boston Area

Tired of getting the same boring drink everyday? Well, get yourself a cup of quality boba (bubble tea) from this list of the best boba places in the GBA, and switch up your routine.

1. Tea-Do

Located in Chinatown, they offer a variety of drink flavors and toppings as well as light delicious treats. Come here for a great experience, complete with fun games. I recommend The Hulk, which is a mixture of kiwi, green apple, lychee and aloe jelly.

2. Kung Fu Tea

There are three Boston locations so be sure to hit one up. They innovatively allow you to customize the sugar and ice levels of your drink so that it best suits your taste. I recommend their infamous Kung Fu Tea if you haven’t tried it already.

3. Gong Cha

Gong Cha was founded in Taiwan (the home of the original boba) and has since expanded to locations around the world. Their Chinatown location is always crowded so make sure you give yourself enough time to grab a drink. I recommend the Lemon Ai-Yu with White Pearl.

4. LimeRed Teahouse

Not only do they have delicious drinks, but their food options are beyond amazing and totally Instagram worthy. Come here for a nice relaxing break complete with an aesthetic interior design. I recommend the matcha strawberry latte.

5. FunTea Cafe

Located in Dorchester, right outside of the Fields Corner stop on the Red Line, this place offer a wide range of drinks that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. If you can never decide between green tea or thai tea, I recommend their jade tea which is a mixture of both.

6. TeaMoji

Located in Allston, they sell drinks in cups with cute emoji prints. They also serve freshly made egg puffs and taiyaki paired with your choice of exciting flavored ice creams. I recommend the passion tea lemonade tea.

7. Reign Drink Lab

Come here for a chill time with your friends, complete with delightful drinks and fun games. I recommend their signature Purple Rain which includes butterfly pea flower tea, lime, passion fruit and sparkling water.

8. Happy Lemon

When you go to Happy Lemon in the Downtown Corner Mall, be sure to try their salted cheese drinks (a cheese foam with salt that compliments amazingly with the sweet liquids). I recommend their popular green tea with salted cheese.

9. Royaltea


Located in Chinatown, they offer quality drinks made from premium teas and fresh fruits. I recommend the Fruit Overload, which is jasmine green tea mixed with dragon fruit, lemonade, strawberry and watermelon.

10. Bambu

At Bambu, they offer a wide selection of unique drinks; plus, you get to pick two toppings at no additional cost! I recommend the simple salted caramel which includes the ever-so-amazing Vietnamese coffee.