Tips For Studying in a Group

Finals are almost here and you may find it useful to have your classmates help you review the last few chapters before the big day. That means it’s group study time! Here are some tips for studying efficiently in a group:

1. Bring snacks!

You guys are going to get hungry working your way through each chapter. Instead of taking a food break, have a snack as you work. Opt for a healthy treat like fruit, nuts or dark chocolate to keep your brains going.

2. Make a study sheet

You can all work together to make a study sheet. By collaborating and putting together all of the knowledge your group knows about a subject, you are each deepening your understanding of the concepts.

3. Come prepared

It helps to already know most of the information before going over it with other people. Reviewing in groups can do a lot, but it won’t do much good if you don’t have a foundation of knowledge already.

4. Take turns

It’s important to take turns quizzing each other so everyone spends a fair amount of time being tested on their knowledge. Looking at the information while someone else talks about it will also help you remember more!

5. Goof around

As the night goes on, you may come up with less official ways of reciting the information and that’s okay! You’re way more likely to remember the mnemonic devices you create with your friends.

When done right, study groups can be an interesting and productive way to get ready for a test. Happy studying!