The Time I Lived Out Legally Blonde

                                                                                                           Courtesy of Crave Online

Legally Blonde has been my favorite movie since I first watched it in high school. Its messages about believing in yourself, standing up for what you believe in, and not listening to the haters all resonated with me and effectively changed my attitude about myself. Watching Elle Woods defy everyone's expectations of her was so powerful made me want to be her. To put it simply: Elle Woods is my idol and I’ve wanted to follow in her footsteps ever since I first heard the opening notes of “Perfect Day” by Hoka in the Legally Blonde title sequence.

I had been dreaming about this for years and last weekend I had the opportunity to, in part, live out my favorite movie. My friends and I were invited to a frat party and, wanting to go out and have fun, we said, “yes, of course.” Well, the day came, and hours before the party, my friend gets a text from one of the brothers claiming that the party is a Hugh Hefner memorial service. It wasn’t the traditional Playboy party; the brothers were to be bunnies and the girls were supposed to go as Hugh. Panicking about the fact that I had no robe, I rushed out to get one and returned to get ready. I did my makeup, blew-out my hair, wore my cute lace bra, and, of course, my new robe; I was ready to slay the game. My friends and I Ubered over to the frat house;  we were so excited.

                                                                                                Courtesy of Giphy

It was the first time we had put any effort into a themed party. When we arrived at the house, however, the curtains were drawn but all the lights were clearly on. If you haven’t been to a frat party, let me tell you, this is when you start to panic: there are never lights on at a frat party. So there we all were in our robes, shorts, and bras, standing on the street panicking that we’ve been lured into some sort of trap. We eventually saw a couple of girls in jeans arrive and go up to the door, and watched as the brother who opened it was also wearing jeans, but without the promised bunny ears.

One of our group members bravely walked up to the door and knocked. A brother opened the door and they talked for a second before she motioned us to come in. We tentatively followed her up the steps and as we walked in there are a few things that were glaringly wrong. First, as I had guessed, all the lights were on, putting us fully on display. Second, there was barely anyone there, so there was nowhere for us to bury ourselves in a crowd. Mind you, we arrived almost an hour after the start of the party. Third, and most important, no one was dressed up except for us, entirely in theme a-la-Elle.

Now I’m a confident person; I hold myself well and my friends could tell you that I have a strong “screw the haters” type of attitude. But walking into this party, much of that went away. I felt exposed. There I was, in a room of fully clothed people, half-naked.

We ended up leaving the party because one of my friends was overcome with anxiety. Now, looking back at that night, I can’t help but laugh. Without thinking about it, I had in part lived out my dream of becoming Elle Woods. Now is the part where I prove everyone wrong and kick some ass. Now all I have to do is become valedictorian.

                                                                                           Courtesy of Giphy